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Want to Enjoy Abundant and Joyful Living?

John Davison (J.D.) Rockefeller was founder of the Standard Oil Company and the richest man in America at the time of his death in 1937.  Mr. Rockefeller was once asked in an interview, “Considering all that you have done and … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons to Identify Your Values – Part II (Points 6 – 10)

Last week we talked about the first five reasons to Identify Your Values – Did you reveal any unknowns about what is really important to you?  Let’s jump right into the next five points that will help you move toward … Continue reading

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Does Your Life Contain These Three Things?

Today I am sharing something with you that was given to me quite some time ago by B. Michael Stuppy, consultant and workshop leader.  I’m sure you have all experienced finding something in a file that you hadn’t thought of … Continue reading

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On Memories

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us. ~Oscar Wilde Memories are the only possessions that we really own, and they are the treasures that we can recall at any time.  We view them like old photographs, … Continue reading

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Living the Life YOU Choose

As we approach this Fall season and what many view as a time of new beginnings, several readers have contacted  me about a post I published several years ago.  Perhaps everyone will enjoy my approach to choosing how you live your … Continue reading

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15 Suggestions for Success

I’ve had some major events in my life recently that brought me to the point of thinking a lot about what success means to me.  Perhaps some of the thing I’ve pondered will guide your journey as well: 1. Work … Continue reading

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I worked with a client last week who was very troubled with feeling as though he was unconnected to anything important: his job left him feeling unproductive and sometimes “worthless”, his family connections did not feel warm and comfortable but … Continue reading

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