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Have You Taken Inventory Recently?

A recent conversation involved discussion of taking inventory and the various procedures involved in what many look at as a necessary evil of business.  In every well-run business, however, taking inventory is a customary procedure taken at predetermined intervals. After … Continue reading

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No Worry!

One of my sons frequently says “No worry” as a way to diffuse any leaning toward undue levels of concern about something. It always makes me smile and immediately lightens my thoughts about whatever topic we were discussing. “Not to … Continue reading

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Is It Time For You To Tumble Some Blocks?

Have you ever watched an exuberant child playing with a set of blocks?  First, he concentrates mightily on building an elaborate structure.  Then, with great joy, he knocks his tower down, scattering blocks all across the floor.  His giggles and … Continue reading

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Life is Good ~ Always!

Happy New Year to everyone!  The words I offer to you as we begin 2013 are deeply personal and are a reflection of my choice for my own 2013 “Word of the Year”.    This writing appeared in a recently published … Continue reading

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The Quiet Moment

A hectic, busy day filled with hours of noisy activity makes us sigh for a moment of peace and quiet to renew our strength and serenity, our peace of mind, if you will.  If we could only have a few … Continue reading

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On Memories

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us. ~Oscar Wilde Memories are the only possessions that we really own, and they are the treasures that we can recall at any time.  We view them like old photographs, … Continue reading

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4 Steps to Help You GET OVER IT!

Most of us have suffered a loss of some kind as we’ve moved through life. . . Have you ever had a love affair go wrong? Have you ever lost a job that you really enjoyed and at which you … Continue reading

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