Creating the “Good Old Days”

“Those were the days my friend; we thought they’d never end. . . .”  So go the nostalgic words to the popular song.  We all know that experiences change, and present events pass away.  Yet, we may become very unhappy when some phase of life is no longer a part of our current activities.  We long for the good old days of childhood or youth, or we regret that the children have grown and have careers and families of their own, sometimes far away.

However, each day is a new beginning; each morning a chance to make the most of our lives all over again.  If we fill each day with constructive activities, “in keeping with the natural flow Life,” we will be able to recall today as one of the “good old days.”  The fact is it is only this moment we can enjoy, or in which we create cherished memories.

Joy comes when we realize that we are constantly living in a perfect golden day in which we pay attention to the joys of the present moment, living in the awareness that we really are surrounded by the harmony from which happy memories are truly created.

And on a personal note ~ that “golden” day in Minnesota today is a “sunny cool Spring day where I can see tiny buds bursting forth on shrubs and trees showing renewed life and energy after our long, cold and snowy winter.”  A perfect day to create more happy memories!


Make your day awesome!  I’m off to walk through the renewal of energy in a lovely Spring day! 

Perhaps I’ll even find some golden dandelions!

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Success May Require Weirdness

Today I am sharing with you a post written by Philip E. Humbert, PhD and coach.  I have enjoyed and oftentimes been guided by his words of wisdom for quite a few years now and found the following to be uplifting, encouraging and “so right on” —  

One of the paradoxes of life is that being “reasonable”often means settling for ordinary results, while success usually requires us to step outside our normal routines, be different and, sometimes, uncomfortable. Highly successful people are, by definition, unusual people!

All of us have been pressured to conform at one time or another. We’ve been told to “sit still” in school, to “stop interrupting” or “not make a scene.” We’ve been criticized for dressing, speaking, acting or thinking “different.” The subtle and not-so-subtle pressures to accept conventional norms are powerful. “To get along, you have to go along.”

Well. Madame Currie, Florence Nightingale, Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Oprah Winfrey are not admired because they were “average” people! Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh, Franklin Roosevelt and Bill Gates were not “conventional” people.

Abraham Lincoln is widely regarded as the greatest American president, yet the thing he was most known for among his friends was his stubborn refusal to quit running for office, even after he lost thirty-two elections! That is not normal!

One of the things that has made America, and capitalism great, is our love of individuality. We have always admired our “mad inventors.” The Wright brothers thought they could fly! Henry Ford thought he could put a car in every garage.

Ben Franklin flew a kite in a thunder storm (didn’t his mother tell him to come in out of the rain?). Mary Kay thought she could make a living selling make-up, while Mrs.

Field tried to support her family selling cookies! That’s just crazy!

Now, we need to tell the truth here. A lot of crazy ideas really are pretty crazy. We’ve all had brilliant ideas in the middle of the night, only to find that in the clear light of day they weren’t worth pursuing. I’ve made many fortunes while taking my shower, only to see them go down the drain when I tried to tell my partners about them. Just because an idea is weird doesn’t mean it’s wonderful.

But many great ideas (and the fortunes) have been lost because the genius who thought it up was shy. Or lacked courage. Or got intimidated by a casual comment that, “You can’t do that!”

All great ideas were crazy before they were brilliant.

Alexander Bell thought he could talk over copper wires, and even worse, Marconi thought he could send messages through thin air! When David Sarnoff wanted to launch the first radio network (now NBC), one investor ridiculed him by asking, “Who would pay to send a message to no one in particular?” Jules Verne thought people might one day travel under the ocean or, even more ridiculous, fly in outer space. How crazy was that!?

If you can read this, you are a genius. You have had thousands of wonderful, creative, brilliant ideas–most of which you’ve never pursued. And that’s a shame.

Success is not achieved by being “ordinary.” Nor is it achieved merely by being “different.” Success is about following your own path and having the courage to intelligently pursue your dreams.

One of my heroes, Henry Thoreau, recommended “marching to beat of your own drummer.”

To achieve your unique version of success, follow your heart. Yes, you’ll want to learn from others. Yes, you’ll want to obey the law and applicable regulations, but aside from those things, you become great by being exactly and uniquely yourself. This is a call for more eccentrics, more individuals, more creative, unrepentant adventurers. Go where you heart and your instincts lead you. Follow your dream. Instead of following the safe, “normal” highway, blaze a new path and leave a trail for others to follow.

Celebrate Your Weirdness ~ It is what makes you, You!

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Do You Know Who You Are?

Are you aware we are nourished by two different types of food?  Secondary Food is what we eat from a plate; Primary Food, however, nourishes us from a different perspective and includes Relationships, Physical Activity, Career and Spirituality.  Today I offer you a story about balancing that ever important Primary Food.  Do you see yourself in any part of this story?

I worked with a client last week who was very troubled with feeling as though he was unconnected to anything important: his job left him feeling unproductive and sometimes “worthless”, his family connections did not feel warm and comfortable but rather were strained and worrisome.  As I shared with him the basic premise of something I had written several years ago he brightened slowly as he said that he could utilize points in our conversation to initiate action that he felt certain would improve how he felt and approached his daily activities.  I was thrilled to notice that as he departed my office he carried himself with more confidence and determination and with a small smile on his face!

And so, I am once again sharing that information with the hope it will provide someone else a spark of hope to “keep on keepin’ on” as the saying goes …

Do you know who you are, what you expect in life, what your values are? If you feel rudderless a good portion of the time perhaps creating clarity around your beliefs would provide more harmony in your daily life. Less stress and confusion would result in more enthusiasm, energy, harmony and joy as you move through life.

Think about it. If you aren’t clear on who you are, on what really matters to you, you run the risk of almost constantly feeling violated and misunderstood. It is like playing a game with a group of people and being the only one who doesn’t know the rules – you’re expected to perform within the guidelines but no one has shared them with you. If you are vague in your expectations no one in your world knows how to support you, how to interact with you and as a result everyone experiences feelings of conflict.

Sometimes people or things or situations simply make us feel uncomfortable. Frequently we just “feel” something isn’t right but if we have not taken the time to define what matters to us, what our values are, we have no idea why we feel out of sorts at the time. We go into a defensive mode from which very little can be accomplished because we are wary of every word and action. We expend a lot of energy trying to determine why we feel uncomfortable.

Instead we could invest time in ourselves and think about what brings us feelings of calmness, satisfaction, fulfillment and joy. Once we determine what we do want in our life, what values we wish to embody, what is important to us, we are on strong ground from which to show the world that our words and actions are congruent and that we strive to always come from a place of integrity.

We find it much easier to create and achieve goals that are based on the values we’ve identified and because those goals are now in harmony with the values we’ve defined there is a natural energy that supplies momentum enabling us to take action with less effort. When we are secure in who we are, we are able to reach out to people and situations that support those things that are important to us. It is almost like our radar is always watching for and helping us create situations to bring together the right elements to support our value system, putting us in charge of our circumstances.

Sometimes as we start this process we find that we have goals that have been renting space in our mind for a very long time. This is the time to inspect those goals: are they things we think we “should” want, are they things someone else thinks we “should” do? If these goals are not in alignment with the values we’ve just identified, with the things we’ve just said really matter to us, we need to release them. Let them go now! We are wasting time and energy that would be better spent in achieving what we really want.

Now that our values are identified we simply know when we are not being true to ourselves. We know when we experience those feelings of violation or mistrust, that sense of uneasiness, the reflex of defensive behavior, that the success atmosphere we’ve identified has been broached.

When we review the value system we have defined we also see behavior guidelines emerge. We realize to experience true freedom to be who we are we must guard our time and energies by establishing and enforcing boundaries ~ things that other people, family, friends, colleagues can or cannot do in our space. Then, gently but firmly we broadcast our “house rules” knowing that we are now living in true integrity to ourselves and our beliefs!  As a result our world simply works better.


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Make 2014 Your Best Year!

My wish for you for 2014 is a life filled with love and laughter, friends and family, good health and abundance ~ the very best of all good things!

Therefore, this year my wish is that you start the year realizing the importance of believing!  Belief in yourself and in the opportunities before you is so important.  Without it, you may never know how far you might have gone in life.

Most of us go through life resenting all the limitations imposed upon us by society, Bosses, regular jobs, working conditions, or a lack of education, challenge or advancement opportunities.  However, when a true opportunity presents itself, we are so used to being limited that we perpetuate the source of our own resentment by unconsciously imposing limitations on ourselves.

How do we do it?  By not thinking big enough.  By not believing that we can make it happen.  By operating on fear rather than faith.  By refusing to start right now!  If we persist in thinking small and settling for crumbs and procrastination, we will find ourselves doing without the bigger and better things in life.

Most people mistakenly say they have to see it before they believe it.  However, they really need to believe it before they will ever get to see it.  Which comes first, the belief or the reality?  Simple!  Which do you have total control over?  The reality?  No.  But you do have total control of your thoughts and your beliefs and actions.  Therefore, you must exercise your total control.  Control your beliefs and you will bring about the realities.  Believe and Achieve – or doubt and do without, as the saying goes.

When you finally decide to totally let go of old fears and start operating almost solely on faith, you will achieve your goal.  Stick to it!  Know that obstacles are temporary, and they only make you stronger and wiser.  Assets, such as talent, education, and intelligence are great.  But if you were to put those assets together and leave out belief, you would achieve nothing.

You are special!  You deserve the best things in life.  Realize Your Maker, Your Higher Power, Your Supreme Being did not take the time to make a nobody.  Picture yourself a success.  Seeing is believing – visualize and realize.  Reach for your outer limits!  Break through your barriers!  Start expecting miracles!  Believe with all your heart that you will make it happen.  Work as if your success was guaranteed.  Remember, no guts, no glory.   Believe in yourself and make it happen!

 I believe you can do it! 

Do you?

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Have You Taken Inventory Recently?

A recent conversation involved discussion of taking inventory and the various procedures involved in what many look at as a necessary evil of business.  In every well-run business, however, taking inventory is a customary procedure taken at predetermined intervals.

After a little searching I found that although the term inventory primarily refers to a listing of assets, another meaning of the word is “a list of traits, preferences, attitudes, or abilities used to evaluate personal characteristics or skills.”

I would think that taking a personal inventory is a wise procedure for each of us to consider also.  As in its commercial counterpart, the process must be followed by a restocking or replenishing of dwindling supplies to maintain a balance in the business or in our lives.

Is our mind filled with gratitude for the job we do have or for the opportunity to reinvent ourselves to fulfill a dream?  Do we have faith that honesty, personal integrity, and commitment will truly promote our business and personal efforts?   And what about our decreasing stocks of patience, generosity, compassion and optimism?

The success of any business relies heavily upon the procedures that provide a clear picture of its assets and liabilities, allowing it to make appropriate changes so its customers are always served.

In the same manner we, as individuals, must frequently take inventory of our personal assets and liabilities, listing them carefully and then taking the right steps to ensure we increase our assets and appropriately minimize our liabilities through our thoughts and actions.  We, too, serve many … our families, our communities, our places of employment, our friends, and ourselves.

We are the caretakers of our inventory ~ let’s take a look at our attitudes and expectations, replace any thoughts of lack with thoughts of abundance and keep our fertile minds filled with creative and constructive ideas.  We are the ones who can insure our business is prosperous and our personal life is enhanced in every way.

I have scheduled quarterly personal inventory dates ~ will you join me?


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Eight Reflections on Change

Without any doubt you encounter challenges as you go about your daily lives.  These challenges could be personal or professional, they typically involve someone or something that you care deeply about, and very frequently they possess the ability to throw you into a state of turmoil.

  • Determine if it is your problem in the first place!  Do not accept ownership of a situation that is not yours because you most likely will not have the tools or authority to resolve the issue.
  • Recognition of a problem implies that you also have the qualities necessary to come up with solutions!  It is quite clear that if you know enough about the issue to recognize there is a challenge at all, you also have the ability to see the steps required to move to a resolution.  Honor and trust your instincts as possible resolutions come to mind!
  • A positive attitude and a questioning mind are mental tools to insure objectivity as you proceed to take the actions required to crack the code and obtain the answer to the challenge.
  • And make no mistake; desire is never enough; action must be implemented.
  • Fear of consequences prevents solutions from being found as the mind sometimes triggers pictures of horrendous end results based solely on your incredibly active imagination.  As the saying goes FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real; simply recognize it for what it is and take the next step in solving your challenge.
  • Eliminate emotions; what do judgment and experiences tell you?  Rely on your strengths to help you remain stable.
  • No solution is good which does not include plans to avoid repetition.  Make a plan that not only includes resolving the current challenge but provides a clear pathway to eliminate walking into the situation again.
  • A major component of every solution is courage!  Yes, sometimes you must dip deep into your reserves to muster up that courage, but it’s partner is confidence and together they will take give you solid ground upon which to take your stand and move forward!

Keeping these points in mind will help you navigate the challenges you encounter and bring you to your successes with less stress and greater joy!

Man is wise . . .  when he recognizes no greater enemy than himself!

~ Marguerite of Navarre

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Boredom, inertia, monotony and depression are the results of the lack of commitment to an enthusiastic idea.  Possibility thinking generates a commitment, and a commitment generates energy, and energy generates action!

  • A commitment wipes out all other options.
  • A commitment is non-negotiable.  There is no other alternative.
  • A commitment gives you a strong step toward unbridled energy.

Neutrality produces fatigue.  Energetic people will accomplish their goals with much less stress and strain than those who adopt the ho-hum attitude of neutrality.  A daring commitment gives you more energy that will provide a solution to the overriding fatigue you will experience prior to making that commitment.  The temptation to be lazy is always there to tempt you to avoid that feared “C” word – Commitment.

Ask yourself, ”Am I daring and in pursuit of my dreams or am I cautious and conservative?”  Do you feel you need to “save yourself” for something?  What on earth could it be if it is not in taking action to make your dreams come true, to fulfill your purpose, to reach your lofty aspirations?  This is your life – don’t miss it!  An exciting dream will produce all the energy you need ~ step into a daring spirit.  Take a chance instead of taking care – Commit to the risky goal and remember that no one else is qualified to achieve YOUR dream.

  • Close your eyes and visualize your Great Possibility – in brilliant color and great detail.
  • Embrace the great surge of energy you experience when you really contemplate that Great Possibility.
  • Open your eyes.  Keep the dream alive in your imagination.  Organize your energy.  Commit to your success!

Make a Powerful Possibility in your life become the exhilarating Happiness of Victory!


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