Coffee or Tea, Cold or Hot?


That is the question that comes to my mind in the morning of this very special day every month.  Tuesday’s are Terrific!

You see, I have a very special friendship with a dear woman who does not live anywhere near where I live anymore – we have both moved a number of times since our meeting over twenty-five years ago and we both know the likelihood of living in the same city or even state ever again is quite remote.

But … our bond has never weakened.  Our friendship has remained strong and has grown even stronger as we have shared our lives … from afar.  We’ve lived through divorce, deaths in the families, losing jobs, major health issues, welcoming grandchildren into the world, financial challenges, entrepreneurial efforts, supporting our children through life challenges, losing friends and finding new ones, losing homes, joy, depression … so very many of the things that come along with life.  Sometimes it feels like we hear the other’s thoughts and anticipate the next words!

So many times when friends relocate there is a flurry of phone calls early in the process talking about the new city, new home, new adventures, new jobs, etc. ~ and then those calls slowly become fewer and with more time between them as both parties get into their routine of life once again … without each other nearby.

My friend and I had seen this happen with others, and experienced it ourselves and were determined this would not be our fate … not this time.  And so, we came upon the idea of scheduling a coffee chat appointment on a monthly basis … our time to create our individual spaces in very comfy chairs with the beverage of choice at our fingertips, our “our notes from the month” so we don’t forget anything in our excitement of talking together, and of course, our cell phones with charger handy in case we get over zealous in this month’s chat.  Our coffee chats are scheduled at the same time and on the same Tuesday of each month – Our Tuesday Together Talk is what we put on our calendars for the whole year!

Everyone hears what you say.

Friends listen to what you say.

Best friends listen to what you don’t say.

– Unknown

Who would YOU like to have a monthly chat with?  Reach out and make it happen ~ you will be delighted with the results!




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3 Responses to Coffee or Tea, Cold or Hot?

  1. Sparkyjen says:

    What a cool post. This is a really nifty idea. I have several friends of many years who live far away. Maybe I will suggest this idea to them. I’m quite flexible with my schedule, so I can see scheduling a “Tuesday Together Talk.” At the very least, suggesting one will be fun, because it will probably get us talking more frequently any way. #1 read of the day. This is why I love to blog hop. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Melinda Taylor says:

    Great inspiration Sally. I have many old friends that live far away. Some of them I hadn’t heard from some of them for many years and all of a sudden we are reconnected. This would be a good way of keeping in touch. Thank you Sally

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