Aren’t mirrors fun?   What do you see when you look into your mirror?

Men can trim their beards, become clean-shaven, comb their hair; women may have applied their make-up, curled and fluffed their hair. You may be wearing your bathrobe, your casual jeans and sweatshirt, your professional attire for work or your most elegant evening clothes.

Look again. Do you see yourself as you were at age 20, 30, 50? Is the face looking back at you the one you now show the world, the face that has gained experience, wisdom, love and loss?   Is looking into your mirror like taking a journey through your life ~ a journey of remembering?

Or, WHO do you see in the mirror? Some of us bear such a resemblance to our parents or our siblings that looking in the mirror is “seeing” them, not ourselves!

And more important than any of those things, what does the expression on your face, in your eyes, in your stance reveal?

Does it feel like an endless tapestry of reflections that are constantly changing with each turn of the head, each smile or frown, each shift of your body position? Just how accurate is this reflection that we think looks like us? Is it truly reality or is it some fantasy we project as to how other people view us, what they think of our body, our face, our attractiveness?

Do you find yourself being judgmental and critical of the image in the mirror? Are you looking for something that can be improved, repaired, modified, or eliminated?

Society puts a lot of effort into pressuring us to look perfect according to some norm that has evolved over time and is unattainable for the general population. In addition, marketing firms invest LOTS of money into creating these norms in their efforts to entice us to buy things to “make us fit the mold” of success, professionalism, sports figures, movie stars, etc. As a result we have become accustomed to directing our attention more to what we lack, our so-called flaws and imperfections, than to our positive qualities and characteristics.

It is on the other side of that mirrored reflection that our truth truly awaits us. Take another long look into your mirror allowing your mind to see your true reflection – your love for friends and family, your warmth, your caring, your integrity, your professionalism, your commitment to helping others.

 Has your perception of that reflection shifted?

  Do you dislike your mirror? Do you love your mirror?

 Who are YOU in your mirror?

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