Creating the “Good Old Days”

“Those were the days my friend; we thought they’d never end. . . .”  So go the nostalgic words to the popular song.  We all know that experiences change, and present events pass away.  Yet, we may become very unhappy when some phase of life is no longer a part of our current activities.  We long for the good old days of childhood or youth, or we regret that the children have grown and have careers and families of their own, sometimes far away.

However, each day is a new beginning; each morning a chance to make the most of our lives all over again.  If we fill each day with constructive activities, “in keeping with the natural flow Life,” we will be able to recall today as one of the “good old days.”  The fact is it is only this moment we can enjoy, or in which we create cherished memories.

Joy comes when we realize that we are constantly living in a perfect golden day in which we pay attention to the joys of the present moment, living in the awareness that we really are surrounded by the harmony from which happy memories are truly created.

And on a personal note ~ that “golden” day in Minnesota today is a “sunny cool Spring day where I can see tiny buds bursting forth on shrubs and trees showing renewed life and energy after our long, cold and snowy winter.”  A perfect day to create more happy memories!


Make your day awesome!  I’m off to walk through the renewal of energy in a lovely Spring day! 

Perhaps I’ll even find some golden dandelions!

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1 Response to Creating the “Good Old Days”

  1. Cheri d says:

    My exact thoughts…joy in the moment. I’ve missed your thoughts for the day. Hour to see you both soon!

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