Have You Taken Inventory Recently?

A recent conversation involved discussion of taking inventory and the various procedures involved in what many look at as a necessary evil of business.  In every well-run business, however, taking inventory is a customary procedure taken at predetermined intervals.

After a little searching I found that although the term inventory primarily refers to a listing of assets, another meaning of the word is “a list of traits, preferences, attitudes, or abilities used to evaluate personal characteristics or skills.”

I would think that taking a personal inventory is a wise procedure for each of us to consider also.  As in its commercial counterpart, the process must be followed by a restocking or replenishing of dwindling supplies to maintain a balance in the business or in our lives.

Is our mind filled with gratitude for the job we do have or for the opportunity to reinvent ourselves to fulfill a dream?  Do we have faith that honesty, personal integrity, and commitment will truly promote our business and personal efforts?   And what about our decreasing stocks of patience, generosity, compassion and optimism?

The success of any business relies heavily upon the procedures that provide a clear picture of its assets and liabilities, allowing it to make appropriate changes so its customers are always served.

In the same manner we, as individuals, must frequently take inventory of our personal assets and liabilities, listing them carefully and then taking the right steps to ensure we increase our assets and appropriately minimize our liabilities through our thoughts and actions.  We, too, serve many … our families, our communities, our places of employment, our friends, and ourselves.

We are the caretakers of our inventory ~ let’s take a look at our attitudes and expectations, replace any thoughts of lack with thoughts of abundance and keep our fertile minds filled with creative and constructive ideas.  We are the ones who can insure our business is prosperous and our personal life is enhanced in every way.

I have scheduled quarterly personal inventory dates ~ will you join me?


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