Eight Reflections on Change

Without any doubt you encounter challenges as you go about your daily lives.  These challenges could be personal or professional, they typically involve someone or something that you care deeply about, and very frequently they possess the ability to throw you into a state of turmoil.

  • Determine if it is your problem in the first place!  Do not accept ownership of a situation that is not yours because you most likely will not have the tools or authority to resolve the issue.
  • Recognition of a problem implies that you also have the qualities necessary to come up with solutions!  It is quite clear that if you know enough about the issue to recognize there is a challenge at all, you also have the ability to see the steps required to move to a resolution.  Honor and trust your instincts as possible resolutions come to mind!
  • A positive attitude and a questioning mind are mental tools to insure objectivity as you proceed to take the actions required to crack the code and obtain the answer to the challenge.
  • And make no mistake; desire is never enough; action must be implemented.
  • Fear of consequences prevents solutions from being found as the mind sometimes triggers pictures of horrendous end results based solely on your incredibly active imagination.  As the saying goes FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real; simply recognize it for what it is and take the next step in solving your challenge.
  • Eliminate emotions; what do judgment and experiences tell you?  Rely on your strengths to help you remain stable.
  • No solution is good which does not include plans to avoid repetition.  Make a plan that not only includes resolving the current challenge but provides a clear pathway to eliminate walking into the situation again.
  • A major component of every solution is courage!  Yes, sometimes you must dip deep into your reserves to muster up that courage, but it’s partner is confidence and together they will take give you solid ground upon which to take your stand and move forward!

Keeping these points in mind will help you navigate the challenges you encounter and bring you to your successes with less stress and greater joy!

Man is wise . . .  when he recognizes no greater enemy than himself!

~ Marguerite of Navarre

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