Boredom, inertia, monotony and depression are the results of the lack of commitment to an enthusiastic idea.  Possibility thinking generates a commitment, and a commitment generates energy, and energy generates action!

  • A commitment wipes out all other options.
  • A commitment is non-negotiable.  There is no other alternative.
  • A commitment gives you a strong step toward unbridled energy.

Neutrality produces fatigue.  Energetic people will accomplish their goals with much less stress and strain than those who adopt the ho-hum attitude of neutrality.  A daring commitment gives you more energy that will provide a solution to the overriding fatigue you will experience prior to making that commitment.  The temptation to be lazy is always there to tempt you to avoid that feared “C” word – Commitment.

Ask yourself, ”Am I daring and in pursuit of my dreams or am I cautious and conservative?”  Do you feel you need to “save yourself” for something?  What on earth could it be if it is not in taking action to make your dreams come true, to fulfill your purpose, to reach your lofty aspirations?  This is your life – don’t miss it!  An exciting dream will produce all the energy you need ~ step into a daring spirit.  Take a chance instead of taking care – Commit to the risky goal and remember that no one else is qualified to achieve YOUR dream.

  • Close your eyes and visualize your Great Possibility – in brilliant color and great detail.
  • Embrace the great surge of energy you experience when you really contemplate that Great Possibility.
  • Open your eyes.  Keep the dream alive in your imagination.  Organize your energy.  Commit to your success!

Make a Powerful Possibility in your life become the exhilarating Happiness of Victory!


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