Let’s Play Outside the Sandbox!

Are you stuck? Are you going in circles? Are you trying to move through a challenge but keep finding yourself back at the same place of not knowing what new step to take?

OK! Take a deep breath and get ready to throw some sand around . . .

1. This one is always fun! Grab your pen and paper and play with this question: If I had five other lives to live who would I be, what would I do, where would I live and who would I be sharing my life with? Don’t hesitate, don’t think too much, just put on your biggest smile and leave your critical self in a different room. This variation of one of Julia Cameron’s exercises in The Artist’s Way encourages and allows you to think big, think wild, use very broad brush strokes and respond with unleashed passion! You might be surprised by the amazing things that bubble to the surface: hidden dreams, core values you’ve put on a shelf.

2. Create a Play Day! Wait … don’t ask “Who is she kidding? I don’t have time for a play day!” Instead pick one icky sticky issue that is frustrating you and holding you back. Now schedule a day THIS WEEK to devote to that issue only ~ one of my personal favorites is when I get in the mode of judging myself (and often times, others, also) too harshly. So my game day focus becomes “Go one full day without judgment” – not an easy one sometimes. But, create some consequences for each time you slip up during the day, i.e., eat a spoonful of pickle relish (ick), pay my spouse $1, express gratitude to someone. Allow yourself to be truly outrageous about whatever potentially serious or heavy issue you’re facing – give yourself the freedom to be so outrageous that your thinking is truly shaken up and creates equally outrageous solutions and probably some laughter as you consider them. And, at the end of the day reward yourself with something special for your efforts. You really cannot lose at this game of discovery.

3. One of my favorites requires you to ask the following question and be willing to really hear your answer: “What benefit am I getting from staying stuck in my box?” Does staying in your box allow you to remain in your comfort zone? Are you scared that you might not be able to handle the risk taking that in your mind is closely associated with cliff jumping? Whatever your answer is, quite often the answer can bring amazing discoveries launching your forward.

4. Finally, have you listened to your intuition lately? The purpose of getting out of our current (sand) box is self-expression and growth, living our possibilities. So, every day for the next week set aside 15 minutes to do nothing! Sit on the patio and gaze at the stars, curl up in a comfy chair, put down your book, turn off the television and music – whatever feels good and right for you. Just BE! And then … simply acknowledge what comes up.

Congratulations! You have thrown sand all over the place! That tidy little sandbox shows evidence of true creativity and movement … and the joy of an unfettered spirit!

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2 Responses to Let’s Play Outside the Sandbox!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Love this, Sally….thanks!
    Gotta go play in my sandbox now…..
    Love, Suzanne

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