Don’t Give Up Your Dream!

Don’t Give Up Your Dream

There are a lot of people in our current environment who have lost jobs and are either thinking of creating their own business or have already launched it.

Generally these people are ready to accept and take responsibility for their own success … they no longer want to feel dependent upon the whims of an employer so they take the initial steps toward setting up their business, they determine what they want to do, they choose a name for their business, they start to think of creating a website, home office or renting office space, etc.  . . .  and WHOOSH ~ fear comes flying in!

That fear puts all of us in the position of living out of our memory, not out of our creative imagination.  We know we can do this but so many of our friends think the best path is to keep searching in corporate America for yet another job. Our heart says we need to move forward; we don’t want to look back because we don’t want to go back.   We start to feel like we’ve outgrown the people and concepts that we have held close and dear for so long.  And that is a scary thought indeed ~ who will we turn to when we feel lonely or need to seek advice?

That hesitation can be a major killer!

So let’s consider the well known story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree:
The tree is planted, given water and fertilizer but shows no growth that first year,
The second year the tree is given water and fertilizer and shows no growth in the year,
The third year the tree is given water and fertilizer and shows no growth in the year,
The fourth year the tree is again given water and fertilizer and still shows no growth,
The fifth year the tree is given water and fertilizer and … shows 90 feet of growth by year’s end!

Might I suggest the moral of that story is that you don’t give up your dream because you don’t see anything to show for your efforts immediately?

Instead, follow the 3 R’s:

Reputation – Create and maintain a standing in the opinion of others in your community that reflects your integrity, attainments (both personal and professional), respect, and your good name.

Reliability – Keep your word.  Always!  Be the person that clients can depend on for great service, great products and great support.

Relationships – Develop, nurture and support relationships in the community, neighborhood, schools, spiritual centers to create and increase referrals and repeat business.

 Believe in Yourself and Be Bold!

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