What Have You Learned?

Last week I had a long distance “coffee” with a dear friend – our time to each sit with our coffee and just chat since we seldom have a chance to get together in person.  One of the first things she asked me was “Well, Sally, what have you learned lately?”  It is sort of a running joke among many of my friends that I simply never seem to stop researching, reading, exploring – all in an effort to learn more about spirituality , this world we live in and how it, and the myriad of people on it, all function!

And so, I spent a little time pondering her question and making a list of things I have learned so far in this lifetime . . .  Today I’m sharing five of those things with you ~ can you relate to any of them?

  • I’ve learned that a strong code of ethics is reliable like a compass. Honoring my promises to others and myself and maintaining high integrity will keep me on a mindful and positive path.
  • I’ve learned that to accomplish anything really worthwhile, I must enlist the help of other people.
  • I’ve learned that education, experience, and memories are three things that no one can take away from me.
  • I’ve learned that is impossible to teach without learning something myself.
  • I’ve learned that most people resist change, and yet it is the only thing that brings progress.

I had such an enjoyable time considering some of my life lessons to date that I have decided to add “What I have learned today. . .” to my daily journaling process.  Each lesson learned is another blessing to celebrate in my Gratitude Journal.  I invite you to join me by celebrating your life lessons also!

For all that has been, Thank You!

          For all that will be, Yes!              

                                                        ~ Dag Hammarskjold

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