Is It Time For You To Tumble Some Blocks?

Have you ever watched an exuberant child playing with a set of blocks?  First, he concentrates mightily on building an elaborate structure.  Then, with great joy, he knocks his tower down, scattering blocks all across the floor.  His giggles and laughter rings in the air.  He scrambles to gather his blocks.  He is eager to begin again.

As responsible adults, many of us lose our sense of humor in knocking down some blocks we have carefully stacked in our lives.  We look at the desire for change and call it failure.  To leave a stagnant job or end a painful relationship may feel impossible.  We feel imprisoned by the choices we have made.

Dakota tribal wisdom says that when you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.  To refuse to leave when something in our lives has outlived its value can be a mistake that only deepens our pain and frustration.  Particularly when a situation is destructive to our well-being, we must learn to move on.  Continuing on that current path deprives us, and the others involved, too.  To keep an unsatisfying job deprives me of joyful work, and another of a job that would be of value to them.  It deprives my employer of an employee eager to participate in the business.

The Hindus sometimes describe a Hindu triad as the manifestation of the supreme God in three faces – the creator, the maintainer or preserver, and the destroyer or transformer.  Each of these roles is important in realizing the full experience of our lives.  When it is time to start over, we can call on the divine transformer within us to help us exit that particular segment of our life with grace and gratitude.   Are you ready to ask for help?

My job is to keep renovating the structures I build …  thereby giving me new adventures and opportunities to grow as well as freeing energy for others to utilize in manners more suitable to their needs also.

And so, I learn to let go!

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