Somewhere deep inside each of us … deeper in the pit of your stomach, in the place where your soul laughs and your spirit lives … is a voice.  It may be a whisper, or it could be a dull roar, depending on where you are in your life, but it exists in each of us.  We’ve all heard it at one time or another.

It is a voice that says “I am a dynamic person!  It is amazing how great I am!  Such a fabulous father/mother, wife/husband, consultant, cook, planner, engineer, teacher, career- minded person!  You know, I believe in you and your ideas!  I can accomplish and overcome anything that comes my way!”  Have you heard it?  You have!  I know you have!

But sometimes other voices override the first one.  Those voices that tell you – “You’re scared, you won’t be accepted, something awful is bound to happen, you’ll fail – why bother trying – you couldn’t accomplish anything anyway!”

Which voice you listen to will determine where you’ll lead yourself in life and what outcome you can expect.

And sometimes you may hear that third voice that says – “I wonder what would have happened if I had …”  Right?  That voice of regret and wonder can be the harshest of all because it envelopes us in feelings of disappointment and frustration and sometimes even anger.

Wouldn’t you rather listen to the voice that will lead you in a positive direction?

There is so much negativity around us today – don’t let it control you and your future!  Listen instead to those who will help guide you in the direction of your dreams.  It is so vitally important to fill your mind with positive affirmations and your circle of influence with positive people!  Hang out with the people who are where YOU want to be, who are doing the things YOU want to do!  Don’t let even one negative comment determine the outcome of your life.  You are in charge!

The positive voice is the one that will move you from where you are, whether it is a ROAR or only a whisper at this point … that’s the one that will move you forward and help you grow.  That voice is truly your very best friend!


“You don’t get a choice about whether you create your life.

You only get a choice about whether you create a life you love.”

~Mary Morrissey

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