Take Time . . .

As part of a class I’m taking I was asked to evaluate the things I do and how I might separate and prioritize some items to help me stay on track.  I would like to share with you today the ten things I believe I must take time for as I move forward on this new journey.

  1. Take time to WORK ~ it is the pathway to Success
  2.  Take time to THINK ~ it is the source of Power
  3.  Take time to PLAY ~ it is the secret of Youth
  4.  Take time to READ ~ it is the foundation of Knowledge
  5.  Take time to WORSHIP – it is the highway of peace and washes the dust of earthly endeavors from our lives
  6.  Take time to HELP and ENJOY friends ~ it is the source of Happiness
  7.  Take time to LOVE ~ it is the one universal means of deep and true Communication
  8.  Take time to DREAM ~ it hitches your soul to the Stars
  9.  Take time to LAUGH ~ it is the singing of your soul that helps with life’s load
  10.  Take time to PLAN ~ it is the secret to being able to have time to take time for the first nine things I’ve listed above!

 My wish for you is that you find this

list helpful as you move forward also!

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