Life is Good ~ Always!

Happy New Year to everyone

The words I offer to you as we begin 2013 are deeply personal and are a reflection of my choice for my own 2013 “Word of the Year”.    This writing appeared in a recently published book in which I was a co-author ~

The workshop leader began …

 “What one thing that has happened in your life would you change if you could?”

Without hesitation I wrote that I would have changed a car accident which killed my younger brother; my best friend and protector was gone.

The seminar leader continued and several hours later he instructed:

“List all the wonderful things you now enjoy that you would no thave if that original event had not occurred!”

Instantaneously my answer came:  my two delightful sons whom I love beyond belief!  The profound realization was that one of the most heartbreaking events of my life had also lead to the very best things in my life!   In my grief, I relocated to a different state, a different job.  Marriage to a man I met at that job resulted in the births of my sons.

Yes, I still recall that workshop lesson of long ago!  We cannot avoid all the sorrow life presents but we do have the ability to breathe deeply, and look forward to the good things that will follow in time.

I am blessed with the realization of my true treasures and I give thanks for all of my life!

With gratitude for each of you, my readers, I now invite you to sow seeds of gratitude for your own goals and intentions for this New Year of 2013.

May your blessings be many and your gratitude unlimited!

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