Sometimes it requires a great deal of courage to let ourselves be “different.”  But this is when we must remember that we are individuals living in a world of unity, but not in a world of uniformity.  If we operate our personal life and business on the basis that “everybody’s doing it,” we will be trying to swim against the tide of our own inspiration and conform to the standards of everyone else.  We will have given up our personal creativity and opportunities to discover something new and exciting.

We must bring to our human efforts and goals a confidence that we have the courage to handle our business and personal activities in a unique and interesting way.  When we realize that our life, both business and personal, is a channel for our talents and skills, we can approach our duties and responsibilities determined to see things from the highest viewpoint of good.  We then have the courage to pursue our convictions in a manner that will enhance the lives of ourselves and others.

Affirmations for you:

As I create and claim my own good I know that my actions do not rob anyone else of their good.

I am in competition only with myself, because I am the only one who can use my talents better today than I did yesterday.

I choose to use my talents for the highest expression of who I am and what I believe and I accept that I have the courage required to be successful in my choices.

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