Starting Again

Here in the United States we have just celebrated Thanksgiving ~ a day we reflect on our lives and express our gratitude for family, friends and accomplishments.

I have also discovered, however, that on this day of gratitude many people wish they could make over their lives, perhaps obtain a better education, a more interesting job, more abundance, more friends, etc.

Fine!  Today is the day to start!

Let’s begin by stating on paper exactly what we want to achieve in the days ahead.  There is something magical about writing these aspirations so please don’t skip this step.   Then we must firmly plant in our subconscious mind those ideas which are foundations for better employment, framework for greater financial ease, rationale for pursuing additional education.  By making it a habit to review our ideas daily or add to them when a new goal presents itself, the wonder-working Law of Attraction will automatically speed us toward those things. Any idea firmly established in our consciousness and affirmed daily tends toward fulfillment.

But no success can be ours if it is beyond the level of our comprehension and acceptance. As an example, if we think we are unworthy of a better job because of insufficient education, we have put a mental tourniquet on our good.  We must always consciously plan and, most importantly, believe that we are succeeding step by step.  No magic wand will be waved over our circumstances suddenly making everything perfect.  It is our responsibility to make the changes in consciousness which will enable us to reach our goals.

  • Fill your mind with wholesome ideas for beneficial changes in your life
  • Maintain these ideas for growth and success, believing they are set in motion
  • Accept with joy the fact that your life is changing toward a bright new expression of your success.

“A vision sets direction for thinking and action.”  

~ Edward DeBuno

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  1. says:

    Lovely….thank you!

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