Opportunity Still Knocks – Are You Ready to Answer the Call?

Some days a strong sense of emptiness rolls over us and we feel that we are just drifting along, without a definite or meaningful purpose in life.  Our immediate world and our active schedules tend to pull our attention in many different directions and we find it a definite challenge to focus our scattered thinking.  Our first task is to gain a clearer picture of our goal; our second step is to be watchful for the opportunities which provide a way for us to achieve that goal.

A firm foundation for effective thinking, which also creates effective action, is the recognition that each moment of the day we have the option to exercise choice, on purpose, rather than letting things happen by default because we don’t want to think things through.  We can make choices that move things toward our goal and for our good! We can create the life that brings out our best!

When we start each day expecting good things, we leave no room in our consciousness for feelings of lack or inadequacy.  We must, however, value our efforts and make decisions throughout our day to stay on the path of accomplishment with no flighty lapses toward negativity.  Celebrate ~ we must congratulate ourselves daily on whatever progress we have made – large or small.

In summary, we must be fully aware of the many opportunities around us, and use each one efficiently.  We strive to replace any fleeting negative thoughts by affirming our competence and we guard against drifting into unproductive activities.  We use our leisure time to create more joy in life.  And we choose to be grateful for our endless opportunities for good.

 “At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life forever.”

~ Anthony Robbins


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