The Quiet Moment

A hectic, busy day filled with hours of noisy activity makes us sigh for a moment of peace and quiet to renew our strength and serenity, our peace of mind, if you will.  If we could only have a few minutes of uninterrupted thinking, away from noisy malls and grocery stores, ringing phone, and beeping text messages, our adored children enjoying a noisy game, our neighbor cutting the lawn!  But that tranquility seems to elude us at times, so we continue our routine with difficulty and stress.

However, since we cannot expect our companions or circumstances to provide this haven of serenity for us, we must create it mentally for ourselves. Do you realize that a quiet moment can happen at any time, in any circumstance we choose?  No elaborate preparation is needed to mentally step back from our surroundings and tune in with the every-present but sometimes hard to grasp, natural harmony of the earth.  Whether we are waiting in the checkout line at the supermarket, dropping the children off at school, or participating in a robust meeting at work, we can mentally live in quietness if only for a few seconds.

Try taking just a few seconds to inhale deeply and say to yourself “Peace within me” or focus your thoughts on your heart and quietly say “Thank You” knowing that your full meaning is of gratitude for all the good things life offers you.  Perhaps you choose to think of that Peace as a gently flowing river.  mentally putting yourself in a boat and trailing your fingers in the softly moving water, on a minute vacation from the mundane world.

Such Peace is always available for our refreshment – it is, literally, only a thought away!

Experience a moment of Peace today!

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