Top 10 Reasons to Identify Your Values – Part II (Points 6 – 10)

Last week we talked about the first five reasons to Identify Your Values – Did you reveal any unknowns about what is really important to you?  Let’s jump right into the next five points that will help you move toward freedom and more success ….

6.      When you identify your values you stop reacting, and start responding.

Whether we’ve identified our values or not, we always know when we’re not being true to ourselves.  We often feel a vague sense of uneasiness and we react defensively.  When we are clear about what our values are, we respond to such events with clarity and we do it quickly.

7.      You now have a great yardstick for creating goals (and it’s easier to achieve goals that are based on values).

When a goal is in harmony with your values, the natural energy around it provides a momentum that allows you to take the necessary action “without effort” and with greater confidence.

8.      By identifying your values you can take action to get rid of goals that aren’t really yours.

Take a close look at the goals that have been floating around your list for a long time.  You may find that they’re really things you feel you “should” want.  Let them go!  The guilt associated with not working on these goals is wasting energy you could be using to achieve what you really want.

9.      You can now be very clear about the standards you set for yourself.

Standards are behavior that we establish for ourselves after thoughtful examination of how we want to live our lives.   They are expressions of our values for everyday life and they are critical to our well-being and success.

10.      When you have identified your values you are very clear about the boundaries you need to establish for the behavior of others.

Boundaries are what other people cannot do to or around you.  The behavior that is least acceptable to you is that which violates your values.  Once you have established clarity around your values establishing and enforcing boundaries will be relatively painless. Without hesitation I will share with you here that letting others know a certain behavior that they are exhibiting is not acceptable in your presence is sometimes a difficult conversation.  It is important to remember you’re not trying to change people, you’re just clear about the behavior that’s acceptable around you.  However, you will find that the feeling of being in control of your life and values once you take this action will make the process easier and easier until very soon you are experiencing a life congruent with who you really are!

Again, make your week magical!

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