Top 10 Reasons to Identify Your Values – Part I (Points 1 – 5)

Have you ever taken the time to explore your own value system?  Oddly enough, the majority of people just go about their day-to-day activities wishing for something to be different but not knowing why their lives are reflecting the reality of their daily experience.  Living your life “in integrity” means that your words match your actions which match your beliefs.  Put simply, when you are living your life in harmony with your values, you naturally have more energy and can accomplish more.  Clarifying what really matters to you, knowing what you stand for, will free you to live life to its fullest potential.  Fully recognizing that this process takes some work on your part I have chosen to share this information with you in two segments, this post being Part I, with Part II coming to you next week.  This will also give you time to explore what values are important to you.  I do hope you’ll take the time to write down your thoughts as you go through this process … you may find some surprises!

1.      If you don’t know who you are, you can’t be true to yourself.

Sounds obvious, but many of us go through life without taking the time to identify what truly matters to us.  What are the values you simply will not compromise on … for anyone, for any reason!

2.      It makes decision making easier.

When faced with a decision, look at your choices in light of your values.  How does each choice support you in living your values?  If both support your values, which value does it support?  And which of those values is more important to you?  Makes it easy, doesn’t it?

3.      It helps you identify people, situations and things that don’t support your values.

Sometimes people, situations or things don’t make us comfortable.  Frequently, the negative emotions they evoke in us are caused by a value being threatened.  Without understanding that, and without knowing which value they threaten, we use valuable energy defending or protecting ourselves.  If you have a strong need to be true to yourself, look around.  What situations evoke those feelings?  In my experience, we only have a strong need to be true to ourselves when we’re not being true to ourselves.  The rest of the time, we just are.

4.      It helps you identify people, situations and things you do want in your life.

Being clear about what your values are allows you to proactively seek the people, situations and things that support those values.  That gives you the freedom to replace the items you identified in #3.  It puts you in charge of your life.  Without a doubt this can lead to the need for some uncomfortable actions on your part.  Having had to make choices to stay in my personal integrity by removing from my life (as gently as possible) some people and even a job at one point I know the initial pain of taking such actions.

5.      It gives you an incredible sense of peace.

Clarifying your values and then living your life in harmony with those values provides you with an inner peace and tranquility that allows you to move confidently through life.

I do hope you’ll find some time to sit quietly with yourself this week and write down your thoughts as you move through these first five points in identifying your values.

Make your week magical ~

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