Growing Older

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”  ~ Will Rogers

 Often, as years go by we think with increasing wistfulness of the past.  But, very probably, because of the changes, developments and growth in ourselves, the so-called “good old days” would seem remarkably dull and unstimulating if we could go back to them. Sitting on the patio of a local coffee shop with a dear friend yesterday we came to the conclusion that we should limit our looking back to mere glances, not to long, nostalgic gazing.  We can think of the past in the same way as another friend recently returning from New York City speaks of that crowded metropolis:  “It’s a nice place to visit and I really had fun, but I wouldn’t want to live there.”

All around us the challenges of today consume our thoughts.  We live in a constantly expanding “now” of new ideas, new scientific developments, cultural advances and fabulous opportunities.  There is great emphasis on new models, new styles, and new packaging.  Perhaps we should consider repackaging our thoughts to keep step with the good of “this” day.

And so, I choose to consider that every facet of my life is transformed for the better in the here and now, fully understanding that my here and now is the culmination of all I have done before this day.  All areas of my life are being transformed with the day-to-day discoveries and improvements to oh so many things.  With joy and anticipation I acknowledge that limitless opportunities for progress and service are offered to me every day.   I get to choose from the banquet table of life again today, thus creating new memories to visit fondly (and briefly) in quiet moments alone or with my friends!

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

 ~ Anthony  Robbins

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2 Responses to Growing Older

  1. says:

    Sweet….here’s to today! Thank you, wise friend…. Suzanne xo

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