Do you feel like you’re aimlessly wandering through life?

Do you feel like you are far off the course you had planned?

And, do you feel like you are the only one struggling with these thoughts?

 Let me assure you that you have plenty of company on this path you’re traveling … and it is really quite acceptable!  We’ve somehow developed this idea that we must plan every step we intend to take both professionally and personally — we may call it being organized and productive or maybe even goal-setting.

I’m guessing that you have all heard by now the analogy we might want to keep in mind:  When an airplane is in the air, it frequently flies off course, but by continuously making course corrections, the pilot arrives at the intended destination and lands the plan exactly where it is supposed to land ~ not in some other country or some other city, but exactly at the intended airport (and pretty close to the intended time).

We do live most comfortably and successfully when we keep an eye on where we plan to go and then adjust our direction often.  When we veer off course and our daily lives stop feeling meaningful or engaging we have the opportunity to make a correction.  We have been offered a chance to regroup, rebuild or redirect our efforts.  When faced with this opportunity we would be wise to ask ourselves what is truly important to us and then take the time to give that some thought before we jump into something new – that course correction to guide us to the destination at which we really want to arrive.

When most of us are in this rather uncomfortable space of decision we feel overwhelmed, scared, or confused.  This is when we need to truly give ourselves time to be still and listen to our internal message, what makes our heart sing, what will bring us joy.  Making room for the awareness of who we really are to be revealed gives us both the courage and the wisdom to make the course correction that allows us to live fully and with joy.

 My wish for you is that your course corrections satisfy your soul.

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