Does Your Life Contain These Three Things?

Today I am sharing something with you that was given to me quite some time ago by B. Michael Stuppy, consultant and workshop leader.  I’m sure you have all experienced finding something in a file that you hadn’t thought of for years and had the pleasure of an “Aha Moment” —  these words touched me once again and need no embellishment or revision from me.  Enjoy!


 For a happy life three things are necessary:

 Something to Hope for

Something to Do

Someone to Love


Alexander the Great, in a mood of generosity, was once handing out gifts.  To one he gave a great fortune, to another a province, to another a position of high honor.  A friend said to him, “By doing this you will have nothing for yourself.”  “Oh yes I have,” said Alexander.  “I have kept what is greatest of all, I have kept my hopes.”

The beginning of the end of life is when we live in memory rather that hope; when our memories are an escape from prison rather than a stimulus to further living.


James Agate tells of the terminal illness of an old charwoman.  She wrote the following when she knew death was near:

“Don’t pity me now.

Don’t pity me never.

I’m going to do nothing

For ever and ever.”

Anyone who can look back to days of unemployment or a time of enforced inactivity when the hours seemed slow and empty knows that work is not a curse but a blessing.


Browning writes:  “He looked at her; she looked at him; suddenly life awoke.”

When love enters life, there comes a new thrill; a new humility; a new awareness of possibilities undreamed of.  When love is born, life and the world are renewed.

How great is the blessing of someone to love!

                                                                                 ~ From Daily Celebrations by William Barclay

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