Living the Life YOU Choose

As we approach this Fall season and what many view as a time of new beginnings, several readers have contacted  me about a post I published several years ago.  Perhaps everyone will enjoy my approach to choosing how you live your life … starting now.

Let’s start from this foundation:  We are all, right now, living the life of our own choosing.

Think about that concept a few moments. . .  Whatever is happening in your life right now is the result of the choices you have made ~ no one else ~ just you!  That might feel wonderful to you or it may feel really icky!  First and foremost, don’t beat yourself up if you are less than thrilled with where you are right now and thus with the choices you’ve made in the past.

The choice, of course, is not just one monumental choice.  No one decides, for example, “I’m going to move to Los Angeles, and within the next year I want to be a waiter in the trendiest restaurant I can find, the one where all the celebrities go; I’m planning to get my photo portfolio done real soon so I can find an agent when I get to Los Angeles and become a star within three years!” or, “I’m going to marry a dreadful person and we’ll live together in a loveless marriage, staying together only for the kids, who I don’t really like either.”

You know, the choices we’re talking about here are the ones that are made daily, hourly, and moment by moment.  Most of the time they don’t feel like large decisions or perhaps even important decisions but one by one, with the resulting consequences that come from every decision, we have created our “designer life” and are living the life we choose!

Should we try something new, or stick to the tried-and-true?  Do we take a risk by trying a new taste treat or eat what’s already on our plate?  Do we ponder and plan a thrilling adventure, or contemplate what’s on TV?  Do we walk over and meet that interesting stranger, or do we play it safe and continue tallking with people we know well and whose conversation we can probably predict?  Do we indulge our heart, or cater to our fear?

The bottom line question:  Do we pursue what we want, or do we do what’s comfortable?  Although there are no “do-over’s” you do have the opportunity right now to make new choices and change the landscape of your life.

Generally most people most often choose comfort – the familiar, the time-honored, the well-worn but well-known.  In other words staying in our comfort zone is typically preferable to taking a risk accompanied by the opportunity to soar beyond our wildest dreams!

After a lifetime of choosing between comfort and risk, we are left with the life we currently have.

And it was all of our own choosing!

What Will You Choose Now?

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