Today your path will reveal hundreds of little opportunities that can enrich your life…

A new word

An article on a subject you know nothings about

A person who needs someone to simply listen to them

The opportunity to sit under a beautiful tree and just be with your thoughts

The sound of children’s laughter as they play in a yard

A person in need of advice

Another willing to give it

The time to write a note of thanks and admiration to someone

The name of a new good wine

A chance to play catch with your kid

The opportunity to give someone a smile … and receive one in return

Unconditional love from your pet

The ideal moment to compliment a co-worker

Walking in the park

Chatting with a neighbor over the back fence

An up close view of a flower

The chance to tell someone “I love you”


Woody Allen once said “Showing up is 80% of life”

 Maybe so

But what you do with the other 20% sure makes showing up worthwhile!

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3 Responses to TODAY’S OPPORTUNITIES. . .

  1. Wonderful post! I smiled with every line. 🙂

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