“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement”    ~ Napoleon Hill

Some days, even some weeks and some months, it seems that it is an impossible challenge to feel happy!  The above quote by Napoleon Hill, however, really does sum up our call to action … know your purpose.  Yet many people seem to have great difficulty in determining the purpose or direction for their own lives.

So, how do you identify the purpose for your life?

Set aside 15 minutes sometime today or this evening.  (I suggest taking a notebook or journal and your favorite pen to record your thoughts.)  Go someplace where you will not have interruptions ~ your office, your bedroom or better yet, outdoors in nature perhaps at a lovely park or by a lake or bubbling stream.  This is your personal purpose time to be held sacred and considered yours alone.

Now, think back over those moments in time when you have been doing something that makes you smile, something that really felt like it was exactly what you should be doing, something that just seemed to fit very comfortably with all your knowledge and skills.  This would be a time when you felt very confident, capable and excited to be alive and doing exactly what you were doing!

The experiences that come to your mind may not be the ones that have been recognized or valued by others and they may or may not have been related to work situations.  These experiences, however, are the ones that express the real you, the ones that have given you the deepest satisfaction in your own heart, the ones where you smiled and silently said “Yes!” with enthusiasm.   These are the experiences that are the strongest clues to your optimum life purpose on this planet.

As mythology scholar Joseph Campbell shares, “Follow your bliss … go where your body and soul want to go.  When you have the feeling, then stay with it, and don’t let anyone throw you off.”

You don’t have to try to recreate the same job or same task to stay within your life purpose.  Those experiences are guideposts along your path but they are in the past.   In moving forward on your path, however, strive to choose things to do that recreate the feeling ~ you will thrive personally while you succeed when you do what makes you deeply happy.

Need an example?  Rob is a man who spent much of his working years in lawn development and care.  Rob loved to design flower beds, determine where trees should be placed to showcase your home, and once that was done he loved to provide lawn maintenance ~ weeding, cutting, trimming etc.  Rob wanted to bring joy and pride to “his” homeowners.  His work was exquisite and he was in high demand.  Unfortunately Rob was injured in an auto accident that prohibited him from performing the “hands on” work that he loved so much.  You and I have probably seen or heard of people who at that point seem to lose interest in life, are unhappy and tend to become reclusive.  Not our Rob!  Rob was so passionate about lawn development and care that he convinced upper management of his company to allow him the opportunity to redesign his job.  Within six months Rob became the best salesperson the company had ever had, breaking all sales records in promoting their lawn business.  His passion for working within the landscaping business carried him forward into great success following a devastating disappointment!

By knowing your “bliss” when you formulate (or reformulate) your chief definite purpose in life you will enjoy pursuing it and be far more likely to achieve it.  You will make happiness your daily companion!

Find and Follow YOUR Bliss!


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