Do you ever sit and wrestle with problems or challenges in a somewhat random manner, coming to no conclusion?    I’ve come to realize that most of our difficulties have their base in our inconsistent thinking, not from lack of thought.   Can you see my hand raised high and waving?  Although I can’t say I wrestle with this all the time, I certainly have my moments where no matter what I do those thoughts just will not fall into place! Bunches of them just keep tumbling over each other like children wrestling in the yard!  The most successful people are clearly not always the smartest we know, they are simply the ones who can think in an orderly manner.  They can mentally think step after step after step.  The good news is that those orderly thought patterns that seem so natural to some of our friends and colleagues don’t “just happen.”   We’re going back to the practice, practice, and practice mode ~ those orderly thought patterns must be developed over time, being done over and over until they become habitual.

We’ve all experienced those moments when we’re trying to create something and it seems that all those amazing ideas just burst on the scene, complete in every detail and in living color in our mind!  However, most of our experience is that a lot of our creative efforts fall into place a little at a time, one thought here, maybe another later in the day and, if we’re lucky maybe the next big pieces arrive over the following few hours or days!   Part of what I see is that if we haven’t trained our minds to make the connections between these seemingly random thoughts in a logical sequence, many of those great ideas are lost to us.  We need to train ourselves how to put the pieces together to form that complete idea so our project can reach fruition.

As we take the steps to train the mind to think in an orderly manner we attune our innermost thoughts to our intelligence which is, of course, all the things we’ve learned through training, education and experience, trial and error if you will.  That intelligence automatically flows through us endlessly, simply awaiting our direction … it wants to help us but we need to take control and provide directions!  When we turn our back on our inspiration, sometimes in sheer desperation of perhaps an upcoming deadline or if we just experience a bout of laziness our reception to new ideas blanks out and we scramble the messages rather than creating the orderly pattern necessary to maximize our efficiency.

The disciplined mind is an invaluable tool.  Train your mind to establish organized, concise thought patterns.   You need only watch for the connections between the random thoughts and practice putting them in order.  By maintaining consistent, logical patterns of thought you create an unlimited access-way to successful living.  Open the gates and allow the flow of your intelligence to meet your disciplined thought process to create successful outcomes in your life.

Think in a clear and directed manner!

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