Moving Forward

Today I am sharing a personal story from the heart with the hope that it will provide inspiration and comfort to you or someone you share it with ~

 “So many people miss their present blessings because they are still lamenting unhappy experiences of the past.” ~ Catherine Ponder, Prosperity Secrets of the Ages.

Since I became unemployed some time ago I’ve been wrestling with the subject of remaining active, interested, creative, vibrant and energized as I search for new employment.  The above quote gave me reason to pause and carefully consider its message.  Three practices to initiate come to mind:  continuously releasing the past, living in the present moment, and giving permission to myself and life to be spontaneous.

Some days when I review where I’ve been and what I’ve done I allow some experiences that I see as mistakes and failures to weigh heavily upon my shoulders creating a burden (and a few shoulder aches).  My mind races with thoughts:  “I’m not where I should be at this time in my life. I’m not creative.  Perhaps I’m not really good at my previous chosen profession.  It makes me nervous that I’m not contributing to my family’s financial needs.”  All of these ideas are based in past experiences and because that door to the past is tightly closed, there is no room for me to express a new idea, a new path, and a new self-image.

Let’s discuss for a moment that “giving myself permission” piece.

Maybe I could hold those ideas more lightly.  On the other hand, why do I  feel I truly have to hang onto them at all. They certainly are not serving me now and I cannot change them ~ that door is closed.  I could shift my mindset to say “In the past I was …. and now I can ….”   WOW!   That gives me an opening to let the present moment be different!  Living in the present moment allows me to continue growing because I can start from this minute, not some dark corner of unpleasantness in the past.

And as I step into that opening I discover that I can write; I uncover a talent for coaching and teaching. I have rediscovered that directly assisting people and bringing joy to them as well as to myself is a gift that fills me with joy and excitement.    As I get in touch with who I really am, my divine nature if you will, I find myself open to new ideas springing forth as gifts, talents and abilities.

By approaching life with this sense of newness, I feel myself step into a space of spontaneity that allows me to live sensing that something great is possible in every moment and I am filled with anticipation.

And so, I let go of the past.  I live in this present moment.  I accept that new gifts, talents, abilities and opportunities continue to unfold for me.

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