Are You Experiencing Difficulties?

It is said we are living in difficult times!  The print and electronic media certainly give us that message day after day after day . . . and for some, the pit in the stomach seems to get larger and larger and larger.  Have we allowed fear, joblessness, advancing age, wars around the globe, education, health concerns, and the current political issues to erode our quality of life, our confidence, our desire to create more and better for ourselves, our families and our communities?

Have we been able to find the courage to rise above fear, poverty, ill-health, and lack of opportunity, lack of education, advancing age, or the many other things we think are holding us back?  It appears to me that a lot of people are, in fact, struggling to overcome their challenges and this sent me on a search for inspiring stories from history, stories that may provide a spark of commitment to action in any of you who need a boost right now.

Is your problem one of health?  I recently read a story about a man completely paralyzed except for his eyeballs and his tongue. But through a specially programmed telephone and computer, and the services of a secretary, he maintained complete control of an international company —the leader in its field. His eyes were bright, his mind alert. Is your health issue looming larger than that and overcoming your desire to search out every potential avenue on your quest for more in your life?

Do you feel you have failed at most things you’ve tried to accomplish?  Consider this tenacity: Abraham Lincoln was defeated when he ran for the Illinois legislature; he failed in business and spent the next seventeen years paying his debts; he was defeated in his race for the House and the Senate and the office of Vice President. Yet he overcame defeat after defeat to become one of our great Presidents. Are your defeats and disappointments greater?  Can you rethink your approach to your situation and come up with one more plan?  It may be the one that puts you over the top!

You weren’t born “on the right side of the tracks”? One of the world’s finest authors, Shakespeare, was the son of a bankrupt butcher and a woman who could not write her name. Beethoven, considered one of the world’s great musical composers, was the son of a mother with tuberculosis and a drunken father. In spite of his deafness he composed astounding works. It does not matter where you came from—but where you go in your life, that you keep taking one more step, and one more after that.

Do previous serious mistakes haunt you—prevent you from getting a job? The leaders of some of our great companies either have served time in jail or are currently serving time in jail, as are a number of their employees. Several, after serving their sentence and using that time wisely have now made choices allowing them to contribute successfully to our world.   What mistakes do you have to live down?  There really is someone who can provide the guidelines and show you the path to  self sufficiency, one step at a time.  Reach out today!

Amazing as it may seem, the greatest inventions are still to be made, in technology, in conservation, in transportation, in just about anything we can name; the best model for business organizations and best practices for business in general are still waiting to be determined; new medical solutions are still to be discovered.

The challenge to each of us is to overcome the obstacles in our life; to develop greater strength, courage, and ability that we may reach our ultimate destiny of expressing the very best of what we are!

 The world awaits your contributions!

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