What’s on Your Shopping List?

Do you enjoy shopping?

Some seem to enjoy it immensely; some see it as a competition, almost like a sport; some  think of it as a”necessary evil” and some express they downright hate it!

As I’ve been looking at my supplies and creating my shopping list this week, my mind took an unexpected turn!

I realized I must go shopping very soon for I am completely out of Patience and I think it would be good to buy a case or two.

And while I’m out maybe I could find some Tolerance — I’ve heard some folks are wearing it as a light wrap for the still cool evenings.

You know, I saw Kindness on a friend just last week!  When I get low on Patience and Tolerance my Kindness level seems to dip a bit.  It was so pleasing and lovely on her, however, that I simply must find some for myself – and it comes in such soft pretty colors!

Oh, on the same trip I can exchange that box of Self-Satisfaction I picked up last week for some Humility.  I’ve heard that it wears better and is much more pleasing to everyone.  That will be such fun!

And, let’s see, I think there is a repair place at the shopping center and I really do need to get my sense of Humor mended; it is starting to fray in a few places and it would be so nice to have it functioning properly for all the upcoming events of summer.

While I’m out I’ll watch for some inexpensive Goodness.  It is so becoming on my colleague at work and might look equally nice on me!

WOW! My inventory effort certainly shows that my stock of goods has become quite depleted and definitely needs replenishing.

Yes, indeed, I must go shopping —Today!

Bye Now~

Oh, I almost forgot … Why don’t you take inventory today to see what’s on your shopping list?  It’s a great day for shopping!

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