“The more you help others, the more they will want to help you.”

                                                                                                                                                               ~ Brian Tracy


Have you ever experienced a setback in your life?  Could be related to a job that just didn’t fit as well as you wanted,  a relationship that wasn’t working out as you had hoped, unrealized vacation plans.  There are countless situations that could come to mind in answer to that question.

I think we’ve all found that life offers up a number of setbacks and disappointments just as we’ve all seen that some people seem to flounder following such disappointments and others seem to fly higher!  It appears to me that the people who recover more quickly and are able to soar following that setback are the ones who persevere, who refuse to give up, and who try again perhaps in a different manner.  I’ve been there many times and imagine you’ve experienced that crushing feeling of defeat also.

In reading biographies or watching documentaries or sometimes just reading success stories in the newspaper or magazines, it becomes apparent that many successes have happened simply because someone decided to try again!

Just because the goal was not achieved on the first try, or even on the tenth attempt, does not mean you are a failure.

 The thing to remember is that failure is an event, not a person!

It may not feel good but it really doesn’t matter how many times these negative events occur.  What really does matter if how many times you get back up and try again – a little harder!

Here are five tips I would like to share to help you turn your next disappointment into a soaring success:

    1. Stop running yourself down.  There are a lot of things that you do very well, a lot of things that are rightwith you.  You have the same capability today that you had before you suffered this disappointment.  Stand near a waste basket and brush all those thoughts of failure down from your head to your shoulders and all the way down your body and into the waste basket.  Replace those thoughts of failure with respect for the amazing things you do.
    2. Get rid of the self-pity!  Give yourself 15 minutes to have a “pity party” letting all the negative feelings roll around your brain. Beat yourself up really good if you have to.  Ring!  Ring! There goes the timer.  Your 15 minutes is up and the” pity party” is over – for good!  Now think of all the blessings you have instead of what you have lost or how sad you feel for missing your goal.  List these personal assets on a piece of paper then turn the paper over and list your opportunities for growth.
    3. Stop thinking about yourself.  Instead, what can you do to help someone else?  Get out the door or on the telephone and find someone who needs the kind of help you can give, and give it!  It is impossible to have a continuing flow of success and abundance if your thoughts are only about you!  Reach out and give of yourself ~ blessings will flow back to you in many surprising ways.
    4. Create your goal.  Write it down as clearly as possible.  Envision it in living color.  Perhaps you’ve even changed the goal a bit as a result of something you learned by not reaching it the first time.  Put a timetable on your goal – your target date for completion.  Now you have something to work toward.
    5. Stop wasting your mental energy by complaining and re-running the scene that seemed to fail; instead start thinking positively and with enthusiasm.  Picture yourself and how you will feel, how you will celebrate, when you have accomplished your goal.

      “Make the decision to get up and bounce back today.”

                                                                                                                                                                       ~ John Maxwell

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