Pack Rat Wisdom

A former colleague called me last week and started the conversation like this:  “I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head and I just know you have some background that can help me bring clarity to my thoughts; what’s in your archives a little bit beyond the normal Law of Attraction information?”

Almost everyone who knows me well or has spent any time working with me has laughed about, and then sought counsel from, my stash of notes from classes I’ve taken or taught, books I’ve shared through study groups, presentations I have given, the notes I have from sessions with the people I lovingly call my roving and revolving Board of Directors.  You see, I have been a lifelong learner in several professions and since much of that time was prior to being able to have it all available on the computer I have “packed away” many volumes of spiral notebooks ( – and yes, they are categorized) containing what one friend named my “stash of Pack Rat Wisdom”.  It is my joy, in turn, to share it for the benefit of others.

So, back to Attraction …

First and foremost let’s bring out some thoughts on Attraction:  To be attractive means that good stuff comes to you.  Adding value through serving, relating well to others, to business, to family, to the world – those are some of the things that are attractive.  We strive to become attractive to opportunities and potential customers, to ourselves and to what our future holds.  It serves us well to make every effort not to seduce, control or manipulate.

Here are several ideas that will draw people, love, opportunities and abundance to you:

  • Show that you care!   Reach out to create a special connection as you learn how to touch someone emotionally, yet professionally.  Want a lot for others – one of my favorite ways to express this is to say “My wish for you is __________!”  Be sure to help people know that you see them as who they are and who they can become and not as what they do.
  • Be somebody!  Becoming a master at your craft or profession creates an energy field that attracts others.  Keep learning and keep innovating to grow and to keep things fresh.  Walk a strong personal path, resolving your problems and minimizing your concerns so that you create a well balanced personal life as an example.
  • Encourage Action!  Be unconditionally constructive in your communication with others, saying only the best.  Speak in messages, packaging what you say so that others are motivated to respond easily and well.  Expect big things of yourself and others so that people can grow and respond.
  • Deliver!  Under promise always!  It is wise to even under promise on what you know you can deliver.  And then deliver at least 20% more.  Strive to stay ahead of the expectations of others so you have the opportunity to answer questions before they have been asked.  Create an arena that draws people to both be challenged and to exceed expectations in a safe environment.
  • Form a Community!   Having a large network of resources allows you to provide assistance to those whom you wish to help. Being a part of that community of resources also provides a platform from which you can help so many others grow into their best possibilities!   In addition your family and friends help you maintain a strength that is both appealing and an asset to share in helping others become stronger when they flounder.


  • Be a ModelEnjoy people!  Set high standards for yourself then stretch to meet them with joy in your heart.   Create personal boundaries that protect you from being consumed.  Honor those boundaries always.  Do not hesitate to say “no” to those things that will deplete your energy and draw you away from maintaining your own strong personal foundation for it is from that stability and personal commitment to yourself and others that the energy of attraction emanates. 





~ John Maxwell

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