“Eight Ways to Make a Difference”

Touch someone’s life for good today.


  • Focus on the people you can help. Some people really don’t want your help and to engage in self care you must recognize that your time and energy are limited. Becoming obsessed with the things you can’t do to help someone who rejects your assistance takes time away from doing the things that will help you help someone else move forward.
  • Learn from those who are helpful and kind.  Some people feel resentful and lack empathy for the challenges of others, adopting an attitude of “It’s all about Me.”  We learn from the role models who give to others and from those lessons are able to step forth to influence others in turn.
  • Watch for the people who really want your help but are embarrassed about it. Some people feel they should be strong and able to take care of things themselves. These folks were typically raised to believe asking for or accepting help is a sign of weakness.  A gentle approach will often put them at ease, especially if you relate a personal story of a time you needed and accepted help, letting them know how grateful you were that someone offered to make your path easier.
  • Always come from a point of kindness.  Yes, you may find someone’s story a bit far-fetched and have a difficult time believing it. It is only logical to check the facts if you have a reason to believe that someone is less than honest with you but keep in mind that the true stories of someone’s life can sound preposterous even though every word is true.  Consider carefully doing what you can to help someone who doesn’t need it rather than not helping someone who desperately needs help because you distrust the story they have given you.
  • Honor that some people may simply answer “Don’t bother” to your offer for assistance but at the same time you don’t want to give up too soon. They may feel no one can help them solve their problem and don’t want to waste your time.   If you reinforce that you truly want to try to help, both of you may find that the person will gain much more than either of you thought possible.
  • Be gracious and honored that other people keep asking you to do things for them. If others come to you for help, it’s a compliment that they believe you are a kind and helpful person. Even if you are unable to help them solve their current challenge immediately just being aware of their needs may allow you to think of a creative solution to present at a later time.
  • Uplift the person you help!  Remember people needing help are often feeling very sensitive and you want to be careful not to embarrass them. Reinforce your belief in them by not saying or doing anything in the presence of them or others that would cause distress to the person you are trying to help.
  • Guard your comments as you help someone.  If you say something like “I had no idea this would take so long so let’s finish it tomorrow.” Or “Wow, this is more difficult than I expected!” most likely the person you’re helping will feel badly even though  from your perspective these are just general comments uttered during the course of a task and not meant to be negative.

Reach out and help someone this week and always remember ~

“The highest wisdom is kindness”  ~The Talmud

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1 Response to “Eight Ways to Make a Difference”

  1. Linda says:

    Excellent advice Sally! Kindness and compassion can make such a difference in results.

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