5 Top Reasons People Stay in a Job They Don’t Like

Are you unhappy in your job?  Is someone who works with you or near you always complaining about the company or their job?  Although it may sometimes feel like you don’t have options, each of us really does have a choice.  We can choose to continue to spend eight hours a day in a place where we are unhappy and unfulfilled or we can take action!

Here are 5 Top Reasons People Stay in a Job They Don’t Like:

  1.  Believing that the situation will improve.  Have you explained your concerns to a manager in an attempt to determine if there is an opportunity for changes to be made?  Have you suggested ideas to improve policies, procedures, environment or any of the issues that contribute to your unhappiness?
  1. No time.  The current job consumes all your time and energy.   You’re working such long hours that you have no quality personal time available.  Is this a temporary situation due to a large project or is it the norm and therefore unlikely to change?
  1. Inertia.  It is much easier to continue doing what you’re doing than to take action and make a change.  Now we’re back to that concept of continuing to do what you’re currently doing but expecting different results ~ you do have a choice but YOU are the one who needs to take some action, not your spouse, not your best friend, not your coworker.  Would you agree that taking even a small step has the potential of energizing you into additional action and bringing you a sense of accomplishment?
  1. Fear.  The job you have now feels “safe”.  Any new job you would accept is an unknown.  Have you researched prospective employers?  Have you contacted friends, family, colleagues, and online corporate rating sites such as www.glassdoor.com  to determine a prospective employer’s reputation?
  1. Lack of confidence.  You question if you are capable of doing any job other than the one you have.  Are your skills are up to date?  Are jobs available in your chosen field?  Are there other fields in which you would like to work and have you researched them?

If you feel stuck and it feels challenging to move forward perhaps it is time to step back and explore your thinking patterns and behaviors.  Do they reflect the kind of life you want to live?  Are you enjoying your personal time?  Do you have quality time with friends and family?  Are you doing those special things that renew you, body and soul?  If you answered with a resounding YES, congratulations!  But if not, why not set intentions now on what action you will take to create an exciting and joyous life?

The purpose of life is not to be happy — but to matter, to be productive,

to be useful, to have it make some difference

that you have lived at all. ~ Leo Rosten

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