Leap Into Leap Year!

Several of my conversations with friends and colleagues this week turned to comments reflecting disappointment that New Year’s resolutions and goals set had fallen by the wayside less than two full months into the New Year and that feelings of uncertainty, inaction, and general malaise seemed to have taken over their minds.

When questioned as to whether they truly believed they would accomplish their resolutions or complete their plans, almost all of them said they really hadn’t given that much thought – writing down the resolutions and goals was as far as they went.  There had been no visioning of themselves being or doing what they recorded on paper.  They had planned no steps to take to be successful in their endeavors. “Wouldn’t it be nice if …” didn’t get them very far!

Are you caught up in that same disappointing downward spiral?

I would like to brighten your day with the reminder that you actually have a gift coming this week – this February brings us 29 days; 2012 is a Leap Year with that one extra day!  What could and would you do with that extra day?   Why not consider it is a special day you can use to leap into the remainder of the New Year!

Are you going to keep doing the things you’ve been doing and expect a different result?

Are you going to let fear dominate and paralyze you and take no action to live your dream?

Does not taking action feel safe because you think you can’t fail if you don’t try something new – after all, then you’re not making waves, you’re not learning something new, you’re not offending anyone, you’re not feeling foolish?


It all starts with believing!  Believe in yourself, believe in your dream, believe in your ability, believe that you have courage, and believe you will find the guidance and the resources you need.

Let that belief create a clear picture in your mind of your success – YOU, in living color, doing exactly what you want to do!  I’ve shared many times that the best way to reach your goals and dreams is to “throw them out ahead of you” using a very detailed picture in your mind. See it in your mind every waking moment of every day . . . then walk into that picture with confidence, trusting and believing that everything you need to get there will be provided along the way.  With your belief firmly in place taking the action steps can be done with courage and strength and the knowledge that YOU can do it ~ after all, you have already seen yourself as a success!

Start right now!  Think as big as you can!   Remember you do have control over your thoughts and beliefs.  Don’t let thinking small enter the picture, settling for less than the best.  You deserve the bigger and better things in life and belief is the key to obtaining those things.  As Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics said, “Believe and Achieve or doubt and do without.”

Of course you will encounter obstacles – they are only temporary, and you learn from them.  Just think of watching babies learn to walk:  they fall down many times, and, yes, sometimes just want to sit there and cry, but they get up and try it again until soon they are running joyfully through the house!

Picture yourself a success.  Seeing that picture is believing in reality.  Reach high, see beyond the barriers you built before.  Believe you deserve it!  Believe in yourself.  Close your eyes and see yourself walking into the picture of success you created!

Use this special extra day in February to Leap into your New Life!

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