5 Steps to Simplifying Your Life – Part II

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.Lin Yutang

In Part I we talked about your new goals, new dreams and that renewed yearning for a simpler approach to life and its activities . . .

Did practicing the 5 Steps from last week’s article help you define what “simplify your life” means to you?  (If life got in your way or you need a refresher you can always return to the archives to remind yourself of the steps I shared.)

Here are 5 additional steps to help you on your way to creating that new life this year:

  • Create a Vision Board, Goal Board or Treasure Map.  Choose one of your life dreams and then find pictures, meaningful quotes, clippings from magazines – anything and everything that helps you clarify your vision.  Put them on a cork board, a poster board, a special page in your planner – someplace you will see them every day.   Some time ago I was building a professional team to work with and felt stuck … I clipped photos from magazines of people who simply looked like the team I wanted to create.  Amazingly  within three months, of the 12 people I had added to my team 9 of them looked very, very similar to the pictures I had looked at every single day on my Vision Board!
  • Take control of your time!   Take a detailed look at the things you do on a daily basis that seem to complicate your life; are they really getting you closer to your goals and dreams or are they simply making the trip more difficult?  You truly can gain control of your time when you choose to eliminate those everyday things that have minimal or even negative impact.  You don’t have to revise your daily activities in a wholesale throw-away fashion – just remove one of those time thieves a day and soon you will feel like you really are taking major steps toward your dream.
  • Mono-task!  We are all so into multi-tasking that we frequently don’t even realize how hard we’re working . . . and still not getting much done.  You will find it much more rewarding and effective if you take the time to focus on each activity you’re investing time in rather than expecting your brain and your energy to follow three or four different thought lines at a time.  And, how delightful will it be when you find a calmer space in your life at the end of a day?
  • Set aside uninterrupted time.  Why do we think just because we have all these wonderful and very helpful technical devices we have to jump every time they summon us?  Let your voicemail do what it was designed to do – give you a break from answering every call that comes to your phone!  And texting??? Your response can wait until you are ready to be back in touch with the world.  And email?  Seldom is it urgent to respond to a message immediately  and everyone understands you have appointments (Yes, even with yourself!) and are not just sitting there waiting for your email, phone, or text to beckon you to their world.
  • Choose simple and pleasant ways to start and end your day.  Turn off the television!  Perhaps you would choose to meditate or listen to soft and soothing music.  Maybe this is your time to read poetry, inspirational books or to engage in spiritual readings or writings.  You will find that starting and ending your days in this manner will provide a calmer beginning to your day as well as set the scene for peaceful sleep.

My wish for you is smooth implementation of any and all

of the steps I’ve shared. 

May you have a comfortable journey

to the completion of your dreams and goals!

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