What is your dream?

Simple question, right? Did you just blurt out your answer without a moment’s hesitation?

Football fan that I am I have been reading Game On, a book written by Emmitt Smith, retired NFL player, listed in the record books as having run for 164 touchdowns and 18,355 yards in his career, breaking numerous records along the way in spite of his lack of size and speed!

Emmitt shared a quote from Bishop T. D. Jakes “If you and I allow our dreams to die, everyone suffers.”

What if … Steve Jobs had given up on his dream? Can you even imagine where we would be without Apple products, the Macintosh computer, MacBook, our iPhones, iPads, iPods, iTunes, etc?

What if … the Wright Brothers gave up on their so called crazy dream of flying? How much smaller our world would be in oh so many ways!

What if … Bacteriologist Alexander Fleming had given up on his dream to find a powerful antibiotic and had not, in 1928, discovered penicillin, the so called wonder drug that has saved countless lives!

Now, back to my original question: What is YOUR dream? And let’s follow up with: What steps are you taking to accomplish that dream?

Former UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, said “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

  • Right now, this minute, today, write down at least a skeleton idea of your dream. Please write that precious dream for your life into a notebook – those little pieces of paper, backs of envelopes, etc. get lost so easily … and this is YOUR LIFE’S DREAM we’re talking about here!
  •  Commit to yourself to invest a specific amount of time daily, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, whatever slice of time you know you can carve out of your day someplace. Use that time to expand on your dream and write down your thoughts.
  • Have no idea how or where to start fulfilling your dream? Research (Isn’t Google an amazing tool?) to turn your ideas into action: How do people become _______________? (You fill in the blank.) How long am I willing to wait to begin/fulfill my dream?

How will your dream influence the world?

Without a doubt each of us have very busy lives and fitting even one more thing into our day can seem like a gigantic undertaking. However, if that “one more thing” sparked an action that started a habit of investing that bit of time tomorrow, the next day, etc. you would be living your dream life before you know it!

What one small specific step will you take today?

Please feel free to share your comments, questions below.

I read every one of them and will be honored and happy to provide ideas, hope and encouragement for your journey.

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