Did you know that a Chicago newspaper called Henry Ford an ignoramus for not knowing when the Civil War started?  And, when Albert Einstein was asked how many feet were in a mile, he said “I don’t know”.  Too many people carry a lot of useless information around that does not help them live a better life TODAY!  Why carry that  useless information around when you can get it in a moment’s time?  Our current technology truly places the world at our fingertips.

 We often worry that if someone knows more than we do, they are automatically better than we are.  In my opinion some of the smartest people, (like Einstein and Ford) had their egos in a balanced enough place that they didn’t have to PRETEND to know “it all”.  So, the next time someone asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to, how about answering with “I don’t know, but I can find out for you in a moment’s time.”

 In taking the next step to discover the answer to that question not only do you gain the respect of the inquirer for freely admitting you don’t know and that you will find out and get back to them, you also increase your knowledge!   And what do you think happens as you repeat that process over and over and over?  You, of course, do become an ACHIEVER – a “go to” person for all kinds of information. 

“I don’t know” becomes a path to success!

Enjoy Your Journey!

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1 Response to ACHIEVING IS EASY …

  1. Vidya says:

    Life becomes easy and frees a lot of memory space! : )

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