The gift of another New Year has been given to us ~ we awoke today to the dawn of 2011 and all of the adventures of a new slate of 365 days!

“What matters?” you might ask – it is just another day.   My response to that is twofold, both profoundly simple and yet complex in what it implies.

You matter!

In conversations with many friends and colleagues I have come to the conclusion that many of us feel we don’t matter.  This world in which you and I walk frequently seems to present the opposite of the simple truth that “You Matter”.  We are bombarded daily by messages that tell us quite bluntly that we don’t matter unless we make a six figure income, or unless we look and dress like a celebrity, or unless we surround ourselves with people over whom we have control.

The simple truth is that each of us is important because we are each expressions of that which created us —  the Universal Spirit,  Universal Creator, Omnipotent Creator, Mother/Father God – whichever term is appropriate for your religious or philosophical beliefs   We are alive today because we have been imbued with  a very special gift,  a contribution to make – a unique contribution that only we can make.  No matter how loudly or quietly we live our lives, no matter what our current circumstances are, our job, our responsibility on this earth,  is to discover which gift we bring to this thing called life and then to give that gift to the world, our friends, our families, our colleagues as powerfully as we are able.

This is your new year in which to sparkle.  This is your new year in which to determine the ideas and find the tools that will assist you in the journey of self-realization, that will help you find your very own specially wrapped gift to give the world.  There is no doubt that when you become that which you are meant to be, when each and every one of us clearly understands they are vital and necessary to life itself, this world of ours becomes a better place for every person and for every creature with which we share this planet.

What steps will you take starting now, this first day of the New Year, to give your gift to the world?

May your life be blessed with love, joy, good health and abundance in 2011!

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1 Response to HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Vidya says:

    “I think, therefore I am. ” I got reminded of this quote as I read this post. Thank you, its inspiring and makes me think what gift am I giving myself to give back my world n universe.

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