Ready to Create Your Dream Job?

Are you eager and excited to get to work in the morning and reluctant to stop at day’s end?

If not, consider that there is a mismatch between who you are and what you’re doing.

Let’s correct that conflict by finding out what kind of work situations fits you best.

I was introduced to this valuable exercise years ago and enjoy sharing it with others on the path to self-discovery and greater joy in their lives.

The idea is to release  your preconceived possibilities and past experiences – allowing your passion to speak.  So grab a journal and a cup of your favorite beverage and plan on escaping into the world of possibility for about 20 minutes.

Find a quiet place and put on some relaxing music.  After reading each of the following questions, close your eyes, let your imagination play, and when ready, write or draw your response in a journal.

  1. What does your ideal work environment look like? Are you indoors or out?  Are you in an office, your home, or elsewhere?  Is there beautiful artwork, music, or plants?  What colors surround you?  What do you see out the window?  Is the décor natural, traditional, modern or elegant?
  1. In your ideal vision for work, what do you do? Are you providing a service, creating a product, selling, inventing something?  What is your field of focus ~ the arts, food, education, health, clothing, travel, finance, leisure?
  1. How do you structure your ideal work – are you working alone or with others? Do you manage other people?  Do you travel?  How many hours a day, days a week, and weeks a year do you work?  Is the atmosphere formal or casual?  Do you own your business or work for someone else?
  1. Which values permeate your ideal work? What place do you give qualities like integrity, excellence compassion, honesty, hard work, loyalty and commitment to human potential?
  1. What talents and gifts do you express? What challenges allow you to grow and develop these talents?
  1. How are you acknowledged for your effort so that you feel valued? What response do you get from others about your work?  How much money do you receive?
  1. What kind of people do you work with? How good is your communication with them?  What effect does your presence have on them?
  1. 8. Is there anything else needed to complete your highest vision of your work?

Now, immerse yourself in the whole picture you have created.  Breathe deeply.

How does it feel to experience this work?  Allow yourself to fully accept your vision as something available to you.

Most people feel quite excited when they complete this exercise.  Perhaps this reveals a whole new way of expressing yourself.  Or you may confirm that what you’re already doing is a perfect fit.

Some envision a career they can begin developing tomorrow.  Others will see the need for more training, experience or deeper reflection.

Congratulations!  You now have a design and a map and can choose to move at whatever pace suits you best.


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