Looking for Your Life Passion?

Is your career boring?  Is it pulling you down like there is a ten thousand pound weight on your shoulders?  When was the last time you really looked forward to going to work?  Do you have friends who seem depressed that even in the current economic recession they have a job?  Let’s explore ten ways you can begin the adventure toward a career of excitement and passion:

  1. You must make time and take time to pursue both what you must do to maintain your life and what you must do that you truly love.
  2. Get hints from friends:  Ask ten acquaintances/colleagues what career or profession they can see you thriving in.  Don’t judge or discount their answers.  You are simply looking for similarities in their responses.
  3. Now ask yourself, “What is really important to me as I pursue a satisfying career?”  Write down your answer and then ask the question again, writing it down again.  Repeat, repeat, repeat until you have no additional answers.  The resulting list defines your values.  So, your next question is “What jobs embody these values?”  These are the places in which you will find Your Life Passion!
  4. Are you overlooking anything that may be a pathway to exploration of your passions?
  5. Now take the time to treat yourself with time alone to allow your creativity to massage these thoughts into excitement, vision and possibilities.  Take a walk, find a quiet place to contemplate your passion and let the ideas flow!
  6. If you were experiencing your passion right now what would you be feeling?   List five “feelings” and act as if you were living your passion this very minute.
  7. Ever daydream?  Pay attention to those moments when you are lost in time and make note of your thoughts.  Are they allowing you to glimpse what Your Life Passion would be like?
  8. What is the goal, the end result you wish to materialize?  Write it down and then work backwards from that goal line in weekly, monthly and even daily steps to determine what you can do right now to reach that incredible space.
  9. Are you ready, willing and able?  Be very willing to put yourself in a little pinch with both time and money to create your passion livelihood and temper that willingness with a touch of reality.
  10. Remember that the most successful people are those who have reached out, reached up, and dared the Universe a bit!

Live Your Life Passion With Gusto!

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