I was talking with a friend earlier this week about the business successes we have both seen from afar and the ones in which we participated.    We discussed the leadership characteristics that we’ve watched people develop that greatly enhanced their future success:

L is for listening. Be a good listener.  Everyone has the desire to feel      significant and showing an interest in them and their interests builds rapport.  Learn from what you hear.

E is for excellence.  Strive for excellence.  Be excited and have a spirit that spreads optimism!  Enthusiastically exert the extra effort necessary to achieve excellence.

A is for adventure.  Seek new ideas and solutions to problems.  Adapt them to your circumstances.  See obstacles as opportunities to creatively redirect your efforts.

D is for decision-making.  You’ll find your direction and motivation to achieve come easier when you are decisive.  Are you making decisions that reflect your values?  Delegate routine tasks to others to help them grow.  Dependably fulfill commitments you can’t delegate.

E is for example.  Set an example that others will admire and follow.

R is for responsibility.  Follow through on your commitments, scheduled appointments, etc.  Know at the end of the day that you can confidently say “I performed to the best of my ability.”

S is for sensitivity.  Be sensitive to the needs of others.  Show a genuine interest in fulfilling those needs.

H is for helpful.  Have a service-oriented attitude.  You can make things happen with a determined attitude and a consistent effort.

I is for integrity, the most important of qualities.  Be ethical as you lead by example allowing you to achieve your goals and motivate others to do the same.

P is for professionalism.  Always maintain a professional appearance and business manner.  Let your positive attitude shine through to provide light for others.  Set priorities and work to achieve them.  Associate with winners!

What Leadership Qualities Will You Cultivate for Success?

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