Are you feeling like you’re unproductive, unorganized and the tasks on your to do list are really piling up and piling on and nothing is going according to your plan?  Are you trying like crazy to claim your dreams and make them yours here and now?

Does it feel that no matter which way you turn you face another blockage, some massive fear, a hesitancy or uncertainty or that you are beginning to question every activity that presents itself?

Are you just waiting to get the latest magical marketing download, the next awesome how-to book, or attend the upcoming seminar on corporate success so that everything in your business is just perfect? Or perhaps you’re waiting for that perfect someone to come into your life, maybe you are feeling estranged from a family member, perhaps you haven’t figured out why your “best” friend hasn’t talked to you in months.

Take a deep breath, exhale, now another deep breath; exhale … the first thing I want to share with you is that this feeling is not just you!

The second thing is that we’re all living in what I’ll call a universal jump-start time during which everything is moving more quickly including YOU! So if you are accustomed to issues coming to you in slow gentle waves it is more likely that you feel as though you are in the middle of a huge torrential downpour right now! Clouds and rain everywhere!  When you choose the darkness of  fear, judgment, lack, and limitation you are literally not being your true self. This is a very difficult place to try to create success from. However, you can step into the light any moment you choose.

You are NOT experiencing this upheaval because you’re failing (nope.) It’s because you’re available and the Universe knows it. All those wonderful things you’ve been dreaming about, planning, and considering are ready to come to fruition. They are waiting for you to decide you are truly ready to claim them ~ to have them appear! You do have the opportunity to grow into the fullness of your potential ~ are you willing? Don’t forget that a divinely inspired idea is part of the greater plan of life!

One step is to have clear and meaningful values and goals to help motivate you in maintaining high levels of personal pride. Our deepest subconscious need is for meaning and purpose, for our lives to count for something. Are you clear on your purpose in life? Have you been working on your ideas every day in order to achieve that purpose? Oops, unsure of your purpose? Take the time and make the effort now to determine your major purpose – what you are truly passionate about.

Another thought is to recognize and eliminate any fear of  failure. You are not inferior – you are meant to succeed. Develop courage by doing the things you fear – look rationally at the situation; write it down along with the worst possible outcome. Is that outcome something you could survive? Then take your next action step toward soaring.

Orient your life around your values. When you spend your time living in harmony with your values you become incredibly energized, peaceful, focused and attractive! Be very good at being YOU, being authentic and living in integrity.

Isn’t it time to allow the natural energy around you to provide the momentum that allows you to take your next necessary action step “without effort”? You do deserve to have it all ~ everything you’ve ever dreamed about.

Claim it and be joy-filled with it all!

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  1. Well written, Sally, and just what I need as a pick-me-up this morning. 🙂 Thanks!

    • That you, Debra! Your kind words are appreciated and I’m delighted the words I chose today increased your energy~ we all need those surprises from afar some days, don’t we? Make yours a very magical day!

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