Holding public office is an opportunity to perform fine acts of selfless service.  However, it appears politics has become synonymous with ego run rampant, corruption, and a massive and uncontrollable desire for power.  We almost expect to be taken in and manipulated by people who have no concern for the health and welfare of the very citizens who elected them to their positions, good people who have put trust in their representatives.  Having no confidence in our elected officials, many of us show no interest in government activities.  That’s like shutting our eyes and hoping our difficulties will disappear!

Perhaps we could choose to think about government and our elected officials in the way we truly want and expect them to operate on our behalf.  We, we, the people, must change our ideas about politics, and see it as the honorable profession it is meant to be.  We must know that genuinely dedicated people are guided to serve in positions of public trust.  We should pray that our President, our judges, and all our representatives are guided by Divine Power rather than the fires of personal ambition and that all leaders worldwide are guided by a Wisdom greater than their own onto paths of peace.

We, each one of us, are member s of our local community as well as the world community.  We belong to Life, and we should want to make our contributions good ones.  We need to take the responsibility to learn about the workings of government.  We each need to back our vote with as much intelligent research as we can.  Even if you are not of voting age, you should be informed about the people who will be spending money in your name and making decisions that will shape not only your future but the future of your children and grandchildren, and even your parents as they grow older!

We need to believe the people who choose to go into politics are guided to true unselfish and right decisions, that they are honest, wise and trustworthy men and women.  We need to embrace the positive aspects of those who enter politics and we need to accept the responsibility of holding them to the high standard of performing those fine acts of selfless service.

Most of all we need to show them our enthusiastic support and when necessary voice our disagreement with their actions and choices.  And, yes, sometimes that disagreement will voiced in the voting booth.  To be honest and fair in our assessment of the men and women in politics perhaps our “litmus test” comes when we ask ourselves if we “walk the walk and talk the talk “we expect of the men and women we elect into political office!

What is your expectation of Politics?

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