One Language

Even though we live in an age of almost instant electronic communication, this ability to quickly transfer information has not helped us truly understand each other.  Thousands if not millions of voices still speak to one another with no real understanding.  As a result our world continues to experience conflicts between nations, between political parties, between neighbors and sometimes even within families.  However, above the human babbling there appears to be a small Voice of Truth that can be heard.  This voice resides in each of us as one language: the language of love.  This Voice manifests itself to each of us regardless of the language with which it may be spoken; it speaks to all of us and all of us understand it.  This language of love, caring and warmth is easily transmitted through a smile, a sparkle in the eyes, a gentle touch.

One heart has always been able to speak to another heart.  The desire to experience the thoughts and feelings of others has the ability to lead us to sincere communication and understanding, regardless of any language barrier.  Just recall recent media reports during and following the earthquake disaster in Haiti.  In the midst of unbelievable devastation people came from many countries speaking many languages to provide assistance.  Was there instant communication in one language?  No!  But hearts that were strong and able to help found the hearts of the Haitian citizens experiencing pain and fear and suffering — the hearts connected in love and caring and the communication bond was created.

In addition, moving beyond the human connection, we also experience communication with life forms which do not have a language as we know it.  After all, don’t our pets convey love and other feelings to us by the way they behave and by the look in their eyes?

As we try to understand our relationship with all life, with other countries and with our Spiritual source, we will find that the Earth does indeed have one language and every time we express love, we speak that one language which is the pure energy of Truth, Life, Love, and Unity.  I submit to you that significant communication is possible among man, nature, and all of God’s creatures.

I invite you to share your thoughts on communication connections via our Comments” space below.

Speak in the One Language of love and harmony

and bring peace to your corner of the world!

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2 Responses to One Language

  1. Rey says:

    Thank you for the good reminder! LOVE YA!

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