Almost every day the media reports detailed accounts of arson, robbery, vandalism, or a violent crime of some sort.   Disaster seems to have become so widespread that we often find ourselves fearing for our safety at home and on neighborhood streets.  Even rural areas once thought safe are now preyed upon.   This fear is in part because the tools of globalization such as television and the internet bring every detail of every worldwide disaster into our homes 24 hours a day, repeatedly!   Where, we sometimes wonder, is a place of safety or refuge?  Where can we find protection for ourselves and our families?  Our hearts long for reports of harmony in our neighborhoods and in the world.

The Russian writer Boris Pasternak once said “In this era of world wars, in the atomic age, values have changed.  We have learned that we are guests of existence, travelers between two stations.  We must discover security within ourselves.”

This statement rings true, and we are never unprotected or alone.  Through spiritual understanding, we accept our safety and security wherever we are, we accept that personal protection because we already have a Power within which is superior to any circumstance or situation.  Divine Power is All-Powerful, and when we believe this, we will know It protects us from harm of every kind.  We, each of us individually, are responsible for our connection to that Higher Power – not our partners, our friends, our families, our government, nor our therapists.  We find this connection within ourselves and we find peace of heart and peace for the world when we start creating the knowingness that the Divine Power, known by many names, is in fact the source of our protection.  When we truly believe we are divinely guided and divinely guarded, we become open to taking the steps to change the world.

As a writer in the Financial Times aptly put it, “The world has rarely been more peaceful or felt so insecure.”  Wouldn’t it be lovely to truly feel we are in a place of refuge and security?

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” are lyrics from one of my favorite songs.  When we are able to feel the protection of being guided and guarded perhaps we could change those lyrics to “Yes, there is peace on earth and it has begun with me!”

Discover Your Inner Security!

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