Have you ever thought about how much stress you add to your life by concentrating on yesterday, today, and tomorrow?  I think we all want to live long, productive and happy lives … but we sure don’t think like that!  And, if we don’t think like that, in accordance with the Law of Attraction, we don’t act like that which in turn boils down to the levels of stress we incorporate which in turn leads to unhappiness, lack of productivity and most likely a life shortened by stress related disease.

Worrying about the past or future is flat out unproductive.  Studies have shown that approximately 30% of our mind-body stress reactions are caused by past worries.  Going back to relive the past causes us to re-experience the same feelings now — in the present.  And, amazingly, only 8% of the things we worry about for the future are valid.  About 50% of those dreaded events we anticipate in the future never happen!  Another 12% of those things we “look forward to” with apprehension couldn’t be controlled anyway!

We have all heard many times that there are two days in every week during which we should free ourselves from fear, worry and apprehension.  One of these days, of course, is yesterday which is so totally beyond our control:  we can’t go back, repeat the day or undo our words or actions.  Yesterday is done.   The other day we should free from worry is tomorrow:  the promises, threats, and challenges of any day in the future are beyond our immediate control.   And that, logically, leaves us with today!  We have just this one moment of true power and it deserves the focus of our energy and attention – that moment is today.    When we spend our time in concern with the past and the future we basically rob ourselves of the power of today’s present moment.  If our heads are in the storm clouds of yesterday and anticipating the rain clouds or tomorrow we will most likely miss the opportunities to create joy in this day!

Back to my original question:  How much of your time is spent in yesterday, today and tomorrow?  I would suggest you grab a piece of paper and divide it into three columns, one for each of those time frames. Now make a list of all the of all the things you are worried about in each category:  the left column is for the really fun memories as well as the less pleasant memories of mistakes, regrets, etc; the right column is for all those plans for the future that occupy your time and energy – both the wonderful goals and dreams as well as any anxieties or worries; the middle column contains the things that need your focus and energy today.  Okay, here it comes – now cross out everything in the right column and in the left column.

Take a few moments to think about the positive actions you can take today to deal with the potential stressors on your list.  Consider the following:

–          Always arrive early, giving yourself time to relax and clear your mind.

–          Oops – when you find yourself wandering around in your mind, return to the present by focusing on the physical presence of the person you’re with or taking a deep breath as you see yourself alert and engaged.

–          Worry a lot?  Try scheduling your worry time to a specific time period or location, such as on the deck, a favorite chair, etc.  Offer your worries to your spiritual source for resolution.

–          Plan empty time on your calendar and don’t fill it with anything! Don’t fill every minute trying to please others or obtain approval.   Enjoy being at ease with yourself and those you love!

Release the worries of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

and enjoy your life much more fully!

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