Have you noticed that winners come in all sizes, shapes and colors?  Have you noticed that they all have one thing in common?  Eternal Enthusiasm!  They seem to have a bottomless well of enthusiasm that never dries up.  Where did they get that well?  How did they get it?  What kind of source feeds that well?

Enthusiasm is the “magic” that turns dreams into realities and desires into successes!  Enthusiasm is the “connecting link” between our aspirations and our accomplishments.  And for too many, it is the “missing link.”

Where does it start?

The first step is to dream without reservation.  In other words, Let go and admit you want to be a winner, visualize yourself as a winner and act as if becoming this winner is guaranteed.  Let any thoughts of failure dissipate like clouds of smoke ~ watch them disappear from sight.

Allow your dream to feed your desire.  Give yourself permission to develop that burning desire to see your dream become a reality.  Don’t hold back and don’t think about what you may have to do to make it happen.  See that dream, feel it, touch it – daily!  Visualize yourself smack dab in the middle of that dream … in brilliant color!

OK, now that your dream is vivid and your desire is urgent, your belief in yourself will become stronger and stronger.  You start believing you really can do it.  You know it has been done before and you are every bit as worthy as those who have gone before you.

It’s time to solidify that goal!  Set it high where it belongs.  Not so high that it becomes unreachable and demotivates you, but higher than you’ve ever set it before.  Be brave – set a noble goal!  Don’t hold out on yourself or you will pay the price of staying among those in the “missing link club!”

Are you still with me? Great!  Then please let me present you with the “connecting link”  ~~  Enthusiasm! A bit skeptical about how much enthusiasm you can expect to receive at this stage? The amount of enthusiasm in your “well” will be in direct proportion to the height of the goal you have set:

  • If you have set a low goal, your “well” will occasionally dole out a pail full of enthusiasm on an irregular basis and it will be subject to drought!
  • If you set a medium goal, your “well” will frequently yield several quarts of enthusiasm of acceptable quality and it will dry up only now and then.
  • If you have set a high goal, your “well” will constantly overflow with gallons of enthusiasm of the highest quality.  It will virtually be immune to the usual ailments and it will stay with you as long as you keep your eye on that goal.

Now that you have a “bottomless” well of enthusiasm, you can count on it to spark the energy you need to accomplish your goal.  Remember your optimism creates energy, while worry destroys it.  Anxiety, fear and hostility are energy drainers; belief, faith and positive attitude are energy chargers.

The energy you have built up will carry you into action.  You have set your goal, you have planned your schedule, now as the Nike folks say, JUST DO IT!

Stay excited!  Believe in yourself! Visualize yourself enjoying your success! Take enthusiastic action!   Do it over and over again.


Your success will be a direct result of your actions!

Your actions will be in direct proportion to the energy you expend!

Your enthusiasm supply will be in proportion to your goal!

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